Beko Turkish Coffee Maker Review: The Ultimate Review with Buying Guide for 2022

A decision to buy an automatic electric Turkish coffee maker may take years. You may have an electric Cezve, which you have used for years, and think that you do not need an automatic Turkish coffee maker. Anyway, if you decide to buy it, you won’t be sorry!

The Beko Turkish coffee maker unit is excellent because it does not require the user to physically attend to it during the brewing process. Usually, with a regular Cezve, one has to stand guard to prevent the coffee from boiling over. The best thing about Beko Turkish coffee maker is that it even produces crema! Kudos to the engineers!

Beko turkish coffee maker Overview

Although there is no shortage of espresso machines on the market, perfect automatic Turkish coffee machines are rare. Beko Turkish coffee maker is certainly a must-have for anyone who loves this thick, strong brew of Turkish coffee.

Beko makes some fantastic Turkish coffee makers that give full-bodied coffee a distinctive taste and has a wide range of benefits. 

Beko Turkish coffee makers have different brewing capacities. There are few coffee makers which can serve up to six people. While this might be convenient for larger gatherings, it also serves the brewing of a single person who needs a quick Turkish coffee in the morning. For a large Beko Turkish coffee maker, you will need counter space to keep it handy because the machine is larger than most single-brew machines.

Beko Turkish coffee makers are quite capable of brewing a decent cup of coffee, however. Turkish coffee is notoriously tricky to prepare, and Beko Turkish coffee makers remove a lot of the guesswork (and mess). Within two minutes, you will have a frothy cup of coffee that will give you energy for the rest of the day.

Beko has been manufacturing coffee makers since the year 1964. The company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and has expanded to be an international company with manufacturing plants in Hungary, China, Russia, Romania, and the Philippines. The Beko coffee maker was first introduced to North America in 2004.

Categories of Beko Turkish Coffee Maker

There are multi-featured Turkish coffee machines, designed, developed, and manufactured by the Turkish company Beko, which manufactures home appliances and consumer electronics. The Beko Turkish coffee maker is available in different models designed for various purposes.

Beko Single Pot Turkish Coffee Maker

3 Cup Single Pot Turkish Coffee Maker

Beko Single pot turkish coffee Maker

With the Beko Turkish Coffee Maker, you can make delicious hot coffee in no time. 

This Beko BKK 2300 Coffee Maker looks stylish and has a White exterior that looks great. Start the day with your favorite hot beverages. 

A stylish illumination feature highlights the brewing process. 

You can use this coffee maker to brew your pick me up with little effort. Up to three cups can be made at one time using coffee powder. 

You’ll be able to save money by using this 670W coffee machine due to its energy-saving feature.

4 Cup Single Pot Turkish Coffee Maker

Beko 4 Cup Turkish Coffee Maker

The Beko Turkish Coffee Machine makes brewing authentic Turkish coffee easy!

It brews 4 cups in less than 2 minutes with just the one touch on the OneTouch button!

The grounds come included with your purchase, but can also be purchased separately for a more authentic taste.

Featuring a pressure system that preserves the flavors and aromas, this machine

Beko Double Pot Turkish Coffee Maker

4 Cup Single pot Turkish Coffee Maker

Beko 4 Cup Double Pot Turkish Coffee Maker

The Beko coffee maker comes with a detachable water container that is easy to clean.

It’s possible to make a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 cups of coffee by utilizing two separate mugs 

A light indicator for both mugs and the ability to make a single or double cup of coffee

6 Cup Single Pot Turkish Coffee Maker

Beko 6 cup double pot turkish coffee Maker

The copper exterior is stylish and elegant.

Induction technology heats up the pot so fast you’ll be done brewing your coffee before you know it.

A built-in pressure release valve helps maintain high pressure at all times, for delicious tasting Turkish coffee every time.

The touch control panel makes operating this coffee maker easy and intuitive.

With up to 6 cups capacity you’ll never run out of coffee again.

Beko Turkish Coffee Maker Review: In-depth Review with Detailed Buying Guide

Why You Should Buy Single Pot The Beko Turkish Coffee Maker

Among Beko’s line of Turkish coffee makers are dozens of benefits and extensive features. You will find plenty of information in this article that will help you decide whether to buy a Turkish coffee maker.

Here are some amazing features of the single pot  Beko Turkish coffee maker.

Capacity For Flexible Brewing

Beko’s Single Pot turkish coffee maker is a smart machine that uses a cooking level detection system. When the machine is ready, an audible beep is emitted, notifying you that your coffee is ready.

Using Cooksense technology, these coffee makers prepare the perfect cup of Turkish coffee with real Turkish coffee taste and lots of foam!

In addition, you can make Turkish coffee according to your preferences and for 1, 2, or 3 cups simultaneously if you wish. Moreover, the coffee will be delicious and frothy as well.

You can add precisely the amount of sugar you desire to your Turkish cup of coffee using a coffee measuring spoon. If you prefer to enjoy your coffee with sugar this way, your coffee will taste delicious.

The coffee maker will automatically stop when it is ready. You will be notified by an audible beep when the coffee is ready so you will not need to stay near it during the brewing cycle. CookSenseTM prevents overflow and you will not burn your coffee. 

Since this is not an active method of brewing, it does not require you to engage in any physical activity to do it.

Innovative Design

The coffee maker comes in a beautiful box, and you’ll be happy once you see it. Only 5.6lbs gross weight makes this coffee maker easy to transport, easy to use, and convenient.

 The Beko coffee maker uses advanced technology to deliver the best tasting coffee.

It operates with a voltage of 120V, which is safer than 220V and you don’t have to bother with a voltage converter.

As it takes up little space for a compact design, it can be placed wherever you like in your home and you won’t have to worry about room allocations.

With its illuminated boiling dish, it is fast and effective, so you can serve your guests. A cup of coffee in no time.

Materials Used For The Construction Of Beko Coffee Makers

This coffee maker is made of plastic and there are no harmful or banned substances listed on it. You can therefore use it without tension in the future since it will not harm your health. Due to its lower weight, it will be easy to transport and comfortable to use.

You do not have to worry about health hazards since the product contains no harmful or prohibited materials. This material is light, shaped easily, strong, and inexpensive, and its ability to keep contaminants out makes it useful in sterile medical environments such as hospitals.

The Turkish coffee machine has lots of foam to give you an authentic taste.

It is stylish and easy to use. The illuminated brewing part gives it an elegant design.

A stainless steel base pot and CookSense overflow prevention system ensure frothy, authentic Turkish coffee.

The Turkish coffee maker from Beko allows you to make delicious and frothy Turkish coffee easily.

Suitable for preparing 1 to 3 cups of coffee. With the cook sense brewing detection system, you get the perfect brewing taste. A single smart button makes the system easy to use. It features an illuminated brewing division and elegant design.

It is particularly difficult and challenging to brew Turkish coffee on the stovetop in an American home. As a result, the Beko coffee machine can solve this problem very easily as brewing Turkish coffee in the beko is much more convenient than brewing on an electric stovetop. 

Minimize Electricity Consumption To Reduce Electric Costs 

The smart coffee maker comes with an incredible feature called Sleep mode. When this feature is activated, the device will go into standby mode after 3 minutes of inactivity. Additionally, it will sound an audible warning (beep) to alert you.

It gives two audio warnings (beeps) when any operation is performed, such as putting/removing the coffee pot from its base or pressing the start button. Accordingly, the status light turns to white and the appliance can now be used.

Make Turkish Coffee At Home Faster

Unlike an active brewing machine, the Beko machine does not require you to stand while brewing.

I love how convenient it is!

Automatic coffee makers allow you to make fresh coffee at home with just the push of a button.

In just a couple of minutes, you can make a cup of delicious coffee with this smart machine.

Despite the fact that a child can brew Starbucks-style Turkish coffee at home without any hassle since it does not require any new learning.

To make fresh Turkish coffee with rich flavor, you will need the following:

1-1.5 minutes for one person, 1.5-2.5 minutes for two people, and 2-3.5 minutes for three people.

Excellent sensors for brewing 

The Turkish coffee maker consistently delivers the finest quality because it is designed to perform the tasks it has been assigned.

Cooking level detection sensors enable you to automatically brew your drinks by detecting how much moisture is generated from the drink during cooking.

This moisture sensor allows the Auto Sensor to calculate the exact cooking time and power level by detecting the moisture in the food. This eliminates the need to manually set the cooking time and power level. This eliminates the chances of burning the coffee.

Cooking is safer and faster with Anti-Spill Technology. No need to wait so that it doesn’t spill.

Cleaning Becomes Comfortable And Descale Is Easy

Every home and kitchen appliance needs to be cleaned regularly because it protects you from infections and increases the lifespan of the appliance as well.

For inconvenient design reasons, some appliances are difficult to wash.

Thanks to Beko’s excellent easy-wash features, you don’t have to use heavy-duty products or spend a lot of time and effort maintaining them.

Cleaning an appliance’s exterior is as simple as using a damp and soft cloth and a small amount of soft cleanser.

Cleaning is boring and sometimes it can be difficult and time-consuming, so we tend not to brew coffee to avoid cleaning chores.

When you find any scale building up inside the cooking reservoir as a result of usage over time, simply pour a cup of half-water, half-vinegar mixture into the cooking reservoir and press the start button.

During this process, the inner bottom surface of the cooking reservoir will not be damaged

As a final step, rinse the cooking reservoir and then continue using it as normal.

The cons of the Beko Turkish electric coffee maker

Having to place the carafe in exactly the right place makes some customers a bit cranky. For me, however, ensuring proper placement is not an issue due to the wonderful coffee it provides. 

Another disadvantage people complain about is the price. Because the machine isn’t widely available, the price is on the higher side. However, you can still brew Turkish coffee the traditional way if you don’t want to break the bank. 

In some reviews, the carafe’s spout is also criticized as not being the most suitable for the job. However, I did not have any trouble using it. Users’ experiences may differ, however. 

I personally dislike plastic carafes, even though the company claims the plastic is food grade and BPA free.

Why You Should Buy Double Pot Beko Telvo Duo Turkish Coffee Maker

Beko 6 cup double pot turkish coffee Maker
Beko 6 cup double pot turkish coffee Maker

Information on price and availability

The price is justified if you are brewing multiple cups of coffee for up to six people at the same time. In contrast, if you are the only one drinking Turkish coffee and just want a cup or two throughout the day, then it may be too expensive.


The Beko Telvo Duo looks stylish on any countertop with its black and copper color scheme. There are two copper pots in the front and center, each able to hold three cups of coffee. A hidden carrying handle makes it easy to access the removable 1.5L water reservoir at the back.

Your control buttons are located at the top – these will allow you to adjust the cup size and how many cups you want per pot. There are just a few buttons on the machine, so as not to overcomplicate matters.


In contrast to most coffee machines, the Beko Telvo Duo adds room-temperature water to the pot and boils it in order to create the body and froth characteristic of Turkish coffee.

You can use the Beko Telvo Duo by putting sugar and coffee grounds directly into the pot – being sure, of course, that you use Turkish coffee rather than regular coffee grounds. Furthermore, it is important that you add sugar to the pot rather than your cup because if you do so, you will dissolve all of the froth the machine creates.

You simply press the button for how many servings you want, depending of course on how much coffee you have in the pot. A button allows you to choose the size of your cup – from 60ml to 80ml. Once the pot is filled, a jet of water sprays into it, creating a small whirlpool to mix the coffee and sugar. 

In a few minutes, depending on how many servings you are preparing, the machine will heat the bottom of the pot via conduction. Thanks to the material used, the pot is heated evenly, which prevents burning and ensures proper heating.

In the Beko Telvo Duo, the coffee is boiled just right so that you don’t have to worry about it spilling over like it would on the stove. You can directly (and quickly) pour the coffee into serving cups when the machine emits a small beep once the coffee is ready. In this case, too much time in the pot will cause the coffee to lose its foam, and it will also seep its coffee grounds at the bottom of the pot.

It’s easy to clean the pots – wash them gently by hand and then dry them immediately. As we found, the inside of the pots can stain quite quickly. To descale the pots, simply follow the instructions in the user manual.

The Beko Telvo Duo is a great machine for making Turkish coffee. It is easy to operate, and the foam on top is just right, so you can turn it on, press a button, and walk away to chat with guests while your coffee brews. The obvious downside of this machine is that you can only make Turkish coffee with it, making it a niche product just like an espresso machine. When it comes to Turkish coffee, if you want to avoid having it boil all over your stove, the Beko Telvo Duo is an excellent choice to add to your kitchen.

Beko Turkish Coffee Machine | Traditional Taste With Future Technology – TKM 8961 B

Final Thoughts

You should buy beko turkish coffee makers for three reasons. Firstly, It has amazing cooksense technology that will help you to brew coffee in ideal thickness. Secondly, spinjet technology helps you to mix coffee automatically. Last but not the least, Anti spill system you bring definite comfort in your life. You will never be standing to attend your brewing process beside your coffee maker.

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