How to Get Rid of Coffee Jitters: The Proven Eight Ways of 2022

Coffee jitters are quite common for people who consume coffee or any beverage with a high concentration of caffeine. One may experience the jittery coffee effect after drinking too much coffee, or it may happen to first-time coffee consumers.

This feeling occurs when the caffeine hits the adrenaline. With the excess caffeine in the system, the adrenaline level shoots up and triggers high blood pressure. Some people may start to sweat and feel jittery.

What is the jittery feeling?

It’s a sensational feeling that rushes through the body, and all of a sudden, you feel a crash of energy. People have varying reactions whereby some people are unable to focus, and some may feel unsettled.

jittery feelings: How to Get Rid of Coffee Jitters?
Jittered? Get rid of it.

Can You Entirely Get Rid of Coffee Jitters?

No remedy guarantees to get rid of the coffee jitters entirely or instantly. This is because once the caffeine has entered your blood system, flushing it is not easy immediately. You have to naturally wait for the caffeine to fade from the course on time, which may take roughly 6 to 8 hours. However, there are a few ways that you can use to minimize the jittery effect on the system so you can comfortably go on with your day to day activities.

How to Get Rid of Coffee Jitters: Eight Methods

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How to get rid of coffee Jitters (

Stay hydrated

How to Get Rid of Coffee Jitters: stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated

One thing to note that the caffeine effect does not take place immediately. To some people, it may take about 10 to 30 minutes or more to start affecting you. So, how does water work? Water helps to relieve the jitters caused by the caffeine in the body.

The water is good for hydrating, and thus taking a high level of water helps to neutralize the caffeine level in the system, making it more bearable. Many anecdotal reports reveal that staying hydrated helps to get rid of coffee jitters.

Eat fruits rich with high citrus

Eat High Citrus Fruits
Eat High Citrus Fruits

Fruits rich in citrus are recommendable for people suffering from nervous breakdown since they help restore minerals and nutrients lost in the body. These minerals and nutrients help the body to calm and improve better focus.

So, taking fruits such as oranges if you experience coffee jittery is excellent to calm your nerves for better work concentration.

Take a nap

Take a Nap
Take a Nap

Other than jittery, some people may also experience the loss of energy. The last thing you want is to force your body to move around or work at that state. So, taking a nap provides a form of therapeutical treatment to the body.

The heart can also work well at a slow rate to reduce the caffeine toxins in your system. You can take a nap for about 1 to 3 hours.



Another excellent and fast way to facilitate quick removal of the caffeine from the system is through excretion. Excretion helps to flush off toxic from the body through sweating. Besides facilitating excretion, working out also boosts metabolism in the body so you can get rid of the excess caffeine in the system faster.

Note that you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to workout; simple exercises at home such as climbing up stairs or running around the neighborhood can work. However, this kind of remedy may not work for people with heart health issues or if you have ever suffered a stroke before.

Avoid Caffeine Drinks

Avoid Caffeine Drinks
Avoid Caffeine Drinks

This is probably one of the long term remedies that can help you get rid of caffeine jitters. If you note the occurrence of this experience every time you take coffee or any beverage that has coffee, cut down the intake of these drinks immediately. There are foods and snacks that you can supplement with the caffeine concentrated foods and drinks.

Also, keep in mind some medicines may consist of caffeine. So, if you notice that you experience jitters every time you consume the medication, consider visiting a doctor for review.

Take a deep breath

Take A Deep Breath
Take A Deep Breath

Did we mention that anxiety attacks sometimes accompany the coffee jitters? Well, this feeling is quite familiar to some people with caffeine allergy.

One way to restore your nerve state is by practicing deep breathing. This is something that you can do from anywhere when you start to experience coffee jitters. Sit calmly, breathe in and out for around 5 to 7 minutes.



Meditation is a mental exercise that involves a person using different mind techniques to get rid of negative energy from the body. This includes practicing mindful thinking, whereby you refocus your mind form a current situation, an object, thought, or even an activity. Practicing meditation when you have coffee jitters works magic in calming the mind and even the nervous system.

Take supplements

Take Supplements
Take Supplements

Some supplements are prescribed for people who get jitter or nerve attacks. Although the supplements will not flush out the system’s caffeine effect, they work by relieving the outcome such as anxiety or even lowering the blood pressure.

An excellent example of the supplements is l-theanine. But make sure to seek medical attention before taking any of the supplements for your safety.


Coffee jitters are bound to occur if you excessively consume coffee or if you are allergic to caffeine. Although you may not be able to get rid of the caffeine from the system on your own, these are the topmost recommendable methods you can use to relieve the system’s effectiveness.

However, note that bodies react differently were some ways may work, and others may not work for you. If you opt to take the supplements, make sure to visit a doctor to have medical tests carried out to determine the right supplements suitable for you.

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