Top 10 Best Coffee Roasters for Small Business: Be Sure!

According to statista.com, In 2021 the amount of revenue in coffee roasting business is US$298,371.1m. Wow! The Compound annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) says the market is going to flourish more by 6.78% annually. So, Coffee roasting can be a great opportunity for you. Now you need a business setup that keeps your feet firmed in the market.

Here we wanted to give you the finest solution available for the best coffee roaster machine for small business.

The most crucial thing you have to keep in mind before choosing the best coffee roaster machine for small business are:

  • The length of your business
  • Your budget

Do you have a tight budget, or are you going to start a new coffee roasting business? Is it a large business, or is it a small business? In this article, we are going to unfold every essential clue to select the best coffee roasting machine for a small business.


Top 3 from The Best Coffee Roaster Machine for Small Business

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Quick Overview of The Best Coffee Roaster Machine for Small Business

Fresh Roast (SR540)

Best for:

  • Small business
  • Home roasting 
  • Beginners
Fresh Roast (SR540) - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Fresh Roast (SR540)

Gene Cafe (CBR-101)

Best for:

  • Small business
  • Home roasting 
Gene Caf‚ (CBR-101) - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Gene Caf‚ (CBR-101)

Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster Machine

Best for:

  • Small business owners
  • Home roasters 
Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster Machine - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster Machine

Kaldi Motorize Coffee Roaster

Best for:

  • small to medium coffee shops
Kaldi Motorize Coffee Roaster - - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Kaldi Motorize Coffee Roaster

Dyvee Coffee Roaster

Best for:

  • Low Capital Business Owners
  • Home roasting 
  • Beginners
Dyvee Coffee Roaster - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Dyvee Coffee Roaster

Behmor 1600 Plus Drum Coffee Roaster

Best for:

  • Small Coffee shops
Behmor 1600 Plus Drum Coffee Roaster - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Behmor 1600 Plus Drum Coffee Roaster

Legendary Probatino

Best for:

  • Rapidly growing small business owners 
Legendary Probatino - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Legendary Probatino

Mill City’s 6kg Gas-Powered Roaster

Best for:

  • For the future expansion of coffee shops along with selling roasted beans
Mill City's 6kg Gas-Powered Roaster - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Mill City’s 6kg Gas-Powered Roaster

Sedona Elite 3200 

Best for:

  • small to medium shops
  • Who sell coffees by cups and also sell roasted beans
Sedona Elite 3200 - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Sedona Elite 3200

Artisan 2.5

Best for:

  • Highly recommended for small to mid range coffee shops
Artisan 2.5 - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Artisan 2.5

3 Things to Check Before Buying The Best Coffee Roasters for Small Business

1. Budget for Your Coffee Roasters

No one has an unlimited budget for a roasting machine. Yet if you plan to start a business, you may have to spend some more bucks. Now Come to the details before the final budget. A coffee roaster machine budget not only includes the price of the roaster only but also consists of some other costs like transportation cost, maintenance cost, electrical costs, government taxes, and most importantly, lighting costs. Because without proper lighting, it’s not possible to understand the colour while roasting the beans.

So, budgeting is a significant factor while planning to buy a coffee roaster. Are you going to buy a new or a used coffee roaster?

It depends on the budget.

2. Size of the Coffee Roasters

What should be the size of your roaster? Do you have a large business, or is it a small business? Is it a small coffee shop or a large coffee shop? What is the volume of your daily customers?
Before considering the size of your coffee roaster, the above questions are essential to consider. If you have a large business, you should go for a large size roaster than the small one. Also, the volume of the daily customer is choosing criteria.

3. Features & Functions

Have you checked the Features & Functions?
Four things you need to consider first:

  • Air Flow Control
  • Flames Control
  • Connectivity
  • Variable Drum Speed

These are the four mandatory things to consider before buying a coffee roaster.

But what if you want to upgrade with a roast profiling software like Coffee Roaster, Baristame or Artisan?

Please, double-check that your coffee roaster machine comes with a USB port or any connectivity output that can connect to a laptop or any programmable devices. Otherwise, your coffee roaster machine won’t serve the purpose in case of the need for a future update.

Like the existence of UFO’s, the beneficial or harmful sides of having coffees constitute a significant concern to us. When you spend your stressed weekend in a coffee shop,” Do you order a second cup of coffee based on its pros and cons? It can be an addiction, can be a love for coffees, Whatever. Maybe it can be someone’s, unconditional love.

I think a person who hates coffee doesn’t know the beneficial sides of having a cup of coffee in the morning, after lunch, or in the evening! I think nobody hates coffee except those who believe in the myth. Whatever it is, a cup of coffee made from perfectly roasted beans can change the mood in a second!

So, Are you looking for the best coffee roaster machine for small business within your limit? Then this article is for you! On the other hand, you can use some of the coffee roasters in your home or at the corner of your office space!

On the web, you get plenty of roasting machines. Choosing the best coffee roasters for your small business sometimes becomes confusing. Some of the posts will provoke you to buy those coffee roasters that will be a burden for you than roasting to get a perfect blend.

Our honest review will guide you to choose the best option among the haystacks. I will try to tell you about the things you need to know before buying a coffee roaster and also the pros and cons of them.

I think you already know enough about coffee roasters. I am going to go over the feedback of people about different types of coffee roasters. I think that’s going to make you feel a little more about the functionality of the coffee roasters than going over the boring specifications only.

Okay! Let’s go! Do not forget to make a cup of coffee before getting into the depth of this article. 

Coffee Roasting Guide

The commercial coffee roasting process involves the following steps:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Roasting
  3. Cooling
  4. Grinding
  5. Packaging Operations

For your small coffee business, the most critical part is to roast the green coffee Beans.

Let’s simplify the discussion with essential tips for the coffee roasting guide:

  • You get the final taste and aroma of coffee just after a perfect coffee roasting.
  • The perfect temperature for coffee roasting is 370 degrees celsius to 540 degrees celsius.
  • The best roasting duration varies from a few minutes to thirty minutes.
  • You can classify roasted coffee in many ways. I got an interesting picture for you.
Different condition of roasted coffee
Different condition of roasted coffee

Type of Roasted Coffee Beans

Globally coffee gets roasted in three categories:

  1. Light Roast
  2. Medium Roast
  3. Dark Roast

Light Roast Coffee

  • Color – light brown
  • light body
  • Texture No oil on the surface of the beans
  • Taste – Toasted grain taste with pronounced acidity

Medium Roast Coffee

  • Color- medium brown
  • With a stronger flavor
  • Texture – a non-oily surface
  • Taste- seems to be a little spicy

Dark Roast Coffee

  • Color – dark brown and sometimes black
  • Taste – A bitter and smoky or even burnt taste
  • Less amount of Caffeine
Type of roasted coffee Beans
Type of roasted coffee Beans

The more the coffee beans are roasted the darker they become and more bitter will be the final taste

Aychiluhim Mitiku Hailu – A great coffee researcher
Three more things to know for the coffee roasting business

Type of Coffee Roaster Machine for Small Business

Coffee roaster machine comes in two basic types:

  • Drum Coffee Bean Roaster
  • Hot-air Coffee Bean Roaster

There is a wide variation in coffee roasters. We can classify those according to the pattern or shape and operation mode like batch or continuous mode coffee roasters. For a small business, you need a robust coffee roaster machine, unlike the home coffee roaster machines.

Trending Best Coffee Roaster Machine for Small Business

JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Roasting Cooling Machine

Sandbox Smart R1,Coffee Bean Roaster

JIAWANSHUN 250g Household Coffee Roaster

Automatic Air Coffee Roasters Machine for Home Use

BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster 500

The Best Coffee Roasters For Small Business Review

10. Artisan 2.5

Artisan 2.5 - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Artisan 2.5

Why do people choose Artisan 2.5 for small businesses?


Artisan 2.5 has a great feature with amazingly simple controls. It has a user-friendly interface.

It has two different controls; One is on the left side and other on the right. The Left Control is,” Bean Loft” and the right control is,” Heat” button. The Bean Loft shows the Air Pressure information inside the roasting chamber. On the other hand, the Heat button controls the temperature. A small LED display shows the temperature inside the roasting chamber.

The Hopper that comes with the Artisan 2.5 is transparent. So, you can easily see the roasting process that’s going on. You can observe the continuous colour change over the roasting process and can listen to the amazingly first and second crackings of the beans. If it gets tough to see trough the Hopper, the roaster has light facilities which help in better visualization.

The fluid-based roaster of the Artisan 2.5 provides faster roasting time than drum-based roasters.

That’s why we placed Artisan 2.5 in the list of best coffee roaster for small business.


The recommended capacity of the Artisan 2.5 coffee roaster is 2.5-pound maximum. But you can roast up to 3 pounds (Not recommended).

Though this coffee roaster has its use in small coffee shops, it can serve the purpose of a large coffee shop. Roast the beans In different batches of 2.5 pounds. That will serve the purpose.

It can also roast beans as small as a batch of half-pound.


Artisan 2.5 has no presets. Even It doesn’t come with USB ports or any output connection facilities. So, no roasting profile is compatible with it.

If it comes with a USB you can’t use it for presetting roasting profiles as the roasting profiles of the drum roasters are not suitable for it as it has fluid bed roaster. Artisan 2.5 is a bit different from other roasters.

Smoke Suppression

The smoke suppression system of Artisan 2.5 is excellent. You won’t face any problem if you set it near the smoke detectors. If you use the recommended blowers, it will vent out the smokes directly to the outside.


Maintenance and cleaning the roaster is a must. Regularly wash the bean hopper and dry it. You should check the blower if there any obstacle on the way of venting out the smoke.


  • It’s inexpensive and delivers excellent hourly output.
  • Easy user interface
  • Fast and consistent roasting of the beans


  • It has no Bluetooth or USB connectivity. It’s not possible to update the roasting profile in the future.
  • It is not Gas-powered. Runs on electricity only.

Artisan 2.5 Coffee Roaster Review

Artisan 2.5 is a low-cost commercial coffee roaster best suited for small business and the house. It’s relatively small and can fit into the kitchen. It can roast 15 pounds of beans in an hour. It’s best suited for:

  • The business owners looking for a low-cost coffee roaster
  • Those who like fluid bed roasters than drum roasters
  • For home roasting
  • Not suitable for large business

9. Sedona Elite 3200

Sedona Elite 3200 - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Sedona Elite 3200

Why do we recommend you to buy Sedona Elite 3200?

Do you run a busy coffee house? Are you looking for a well-built, capable of excellent hourly output coffee roasters? Then Sedona Elite 3200 is the right choice for you.

It’s not that large to eat up your valuable commercial space. On the other hand, it provides excellent control and quality.

Every machine has it’s shortcomings. But Sedona Elite 3200 is a good pick in this price range. Now, I’m going to tell you the pros and cons of this coffee roaster.

Dimension, Weight & Aesthetics

The dimension of Sedona Elite 3200 is 44 inch*24 inch*44 inch, and it weighs 330 pounds. Be sure that the table is stable if you want to set it on a table.

The 3200 has an excellent machine look. It seems like a compact machine. It also comes in two colours. So, why not buy the one which roasts well and improve kitchen beauty.


The Sedona Elite 3200 beats every coffee roasters of this price range. It has excellent features and capabilities, including:

  • Shaftless, Carbon Steel double wall roasting drum
  • FIR( Far Infrared) heating system
  • Rapid Cooling system
  • Spotlighting to see the live roasting process for better roasting
  • USB connectivity for roasting profile upgrading
  • It uses both LP Gas and electricity.


The 3200 has an impressive capacity. It can roast from 13 ounces batches to large batches like 7 pounds. The company says it can roast an eight-pound batch. But it’s better not to roast above seven pounds.

It’s average roasting time ranges from 10-22 minutes. The roasting time depends on your choice. How dark you want your beans! Back to back roasting is a facility here. You can add more beans in the drum while the previous beans are cooling in the tray. Just do your roasting as you wish!

You can roast 3-5 batches on an average! It can keep going with the pace of your busy coffee shop smoothly.


The Elite 3200 Commercial Coffee Roaster doesn’t come with any presets! There’s no need for them! You can use the USB to customize your roasting profile.

Just grab a free roasting profile software and run some test batches. After some of the experiment batches, you can simply understand your roasting profile. Just repeat it and enjoy your favourite roasted beans.

If it becomes tough for you, you can seek help in the community!

The Elite 3200 is a well-engineered design with excellent control of the airflow rate, the heating rate and the drum rotation. It provides an evenly roasted batch of your choice surely.

Don’t depend on roasting profile software always! Use your eyes, nose and ears to understand your preferred limit of roasting intrinsically!

Enjoy a perfect drink!

Smoke Ventilation

Sedona Elite 3200 has an excellent air ventilation system. It vents out the exhausted air directly to the outside by its venting pipe. But without regular maintenance, it can create a problem.

So, keep it clean on a regular interval.


  • A Well-built, well-engineered design
  • Overheating warning alerts
  • Automatic power shut-off alerts.
  • Provides rapid cooling of the beans
  • The drum roasting method ensures uniform roasting.
  • Settings for precise timing to provide uniform roasting
  • Suitable for large coffee shops to keep pace with the busy customer demands


  • Previously it had some customer service issues faces by the consumers

Sedona Elite 3200 Review

The 3200 is a large, highly capable coffee roaster. It is best suited for large coffee shops who need to produce many cups of coffees for customer demands.

Home roasters need to roaster small quantities of beans. So, for them, Sedona Elite 3200 would be a White Elephant.

8. Mill City’s 6kg Gas-Powered Roaster

Mill City's 6kg Gas-Powered Roaster  - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Mill City’s 6kg Gas-Powered Roaster

Why should you invest your money on the Mill City’s 6kg Coffee Roaster?

Mill City is a high capacity, heavyweight machine for the money. Are you looking for a Coffee roaster for your small but busy Coffee shop? Then you should choose this capable giant.

It beats above two coffee roasters by its capacity to produce a vast amount of roasts.

Shall we get into the details of it?

Dimension & Weight

The dimension of Mill City’s 6kg is 59.5 inches * 38 inches * 64.5 inch. And it weighs exactly 350 Kg.

It’s a bit large and giant type mid-range roasters for your small business. But within this price range, it produces the highest hourly output.

You need to put it on a firm basement for its massive weight.


Are you looking for a Coffee roaster that’s worth the price you paid? Keep your eyes on the exclusive features:

  • The overall control of the roaster is smooth and easy, which provides digital gas control, Variable fan and drum speed. It also has a cooling fan.
  • It’s a heavy-duty roaster. There is no question about its stainless steel built quality.
  • The double-walled drum provides uniform heating, better consistency and control.
  • Runs on both Natural and LP Gas.
  • Provides advances USB data logging to create custom roasting profiles.


The mill city has a large capacity of roasting. It can roast as low as 1.2 Kg to as large as 7.2 Kgs of bean in a batch.

Its net average roasting time is less than 15 minutes per batch. Its per hour roasting output is 52.9lb per batch.

It can efficiently serve the purpose of your busy coffee shop. The rapid cooling fan will let you roast continuously.


Mill city has USB port and data logging facilities. You can easily update the drum speed, airflow and gas pressure available from the data logging platform.

Smoke Ventilation

Its smoke ventilation pipe should be 20 feet. Its exhaust air high temperature ranges from 400 F to 450 F.

You will face no problem with the smoke if you set the recommended venting pipe length.

Venting kit doesn’t come with the roaster. You can purchase it from the miss city’s authorized dealers. Check the installation manual available at the website. Without the proper installation, it will create a problem.

Also, check the venting pipe for ensuring that there are no obstacles inside it.


  • Great air ventilation system
  • Smart data logging to create great roasting profiles
  • Allows both natural gas and LP gas for roasting
  • Suitable for busy coffee shops


  • Its giant size can create a problem for small coffee shops.
  • Not suitable for home roasting as it can’t roast beans less than 1.2 Kg quantities
  • Some users say it has a vibration problem.
  • It’s heavier than any roasters of this price range.

Mill City 6kg Coffee Roaster Review

Most of the users who are using the roaster for a couple of years say a great experience with it. They are satisfied with the year-long performance. Regular maintenance can serve the purpose of roasting for years.

Some users experienced overheat problems, but the company’s service is excellent. They helped them to solve the overheating issue.

The company arranges workshops on roasting. It is helpful for new entrepreneurs for learning the art of roasting. 

7. Legendary Probatino

Legendary Probatino  - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Legendary Probatino

Why did we place the German deal king, Legendary Probatino in the top picks list?

Do you have a small business or looking for a small, cute coffee roaster for the corner of your home? Then you are on the right page! Just keep an eye on this German machine.

The Legendary Probatino hits the pick of the choices. It’s a well-engineered, compact and flawless machine!

Now, let’s get into the deep!

Dimension & Weight

Are you looking for a small roaster? Then you should choose the Probatino Roaster. Its dimension is just 36.5″ x 24″ x 45.” You can simply set it on a stable table or any suitable table of your coffee shop. It’s not going to kill valuable spaces.

The second thing is its weight. It weighs 260 pounds, which means a bit heavy to the dimension. Do not worry! Place it on a firm desk and roast.

It’s not a good looking machine or a bad looking one! It’s just a machine which has excellent functionality! It’s not ugly to make your commercial kitchen aesthetically unattractive! So, don’t bother! Keep the business on track.


Do you prefer your roasting profile? Do you like to customize everything, every aspect of the roasting process? Then you should choose the Probatino! Why?

Let’s dig into the deep?

  • It provides full operational facilities—easy controlling of the airflow, variable drum speed and lastly the temperature.
  • It has a solid roasting drum and custom paddle drum which provides uniform roasting. And the digital thermometer that provides continuous monitoring of the temperature.
  • The cooling system has a feature of magnetic catching system that allows for easy dumping and catching of beans.


The average roasting batch size ranges from 1.75-2.2 pounds. The average roasting time is fifteen minutes. But keep in mind if you roast it darker, the more time it needs.

It’s suitable for coffee shops who sell coffees cup by cup. But it is not recommended for busy coffee shops or those who sell beans of different blends.


There is a shortcoming of this machine. The machine has no specific presets, and the control is straightforward. You can quickly learn the roasting operation, but to be a pro, it needs some time.

You can also see the clear roasting chamber! Keep your eyes and ears active! You can call it a fully mechanical experience. It’s all upon you how dark you want the beans!

Chaff Management & Smoke ventilation

The Probatino has an excellent balance between this two! I have a decent exhaust system that works fine! No problem with smoke inside the room! All the exhausted air goes outside.

The Chaff Management separates the roasted beans from the unwanted particles.

So, Just buy it! All the machines have shortcomings, but Probatino just serves the purpose very fine.


  • The Probatino just works fine for the small coffee shops! There is no question about its built quality, design, size and aesthetics. But the fact is it has some severe shortcomings if we compare the probation with the roasters of the same price.
  • But one thing to mention that it has a year-long durability experience.


  • Price– The probation is expensive than any other roaster of the same price but higher functionality. You can quickly get a gas-powered roaster with higher capacity than probation with the same price.
  • No USB– The probation has no USB connection facilities. So, you can’t update your roasting profiles with different roasting software.
  • Low Capacity– The main problem that you are going to face and your decision on buying the Probatino depends on its capacity. The Legendary probation has a shallow capacity of only 1.75 to 2.2 pounds per batch. If you run a large or busy coffee shop, it’s not the right decision to go for it.

Legendary Probatino Final Review

No machine comes with shortcomings. The Legendary Probatino has some of them also. No doubt about it.

But are you looking for a durable coffee roaster for year-long smooth service then it’s your must pick? Because it has an excellent reputation for consistent roasting and it’s a kind of mechanical roaster. So, if you like your eyes and ears to decide the roasting parameters than relying on the software, then just go for it.

6. Behmor 1600 Plus Drum Coffee Roaster

Why is Behmor 1600 Plus in the top picks list?

Tired of searching for a coffee roaster or bored of digging into the specifications? Don’t worry! We tried to summarize the magnet parts of the specification that you need to know here!

Behmor 1600 Plus is compact, microwave looking drub coffee roaster that can serve the purpose of a small coffee shop. If you are looking for a handy coffee roaster, it’s the best buy for you.

Let’s see the specifications of it!

Dimension & Weight

Do you like small and compact roasters? If your answer is Yes, then Behmor 1600 Plus is for you!

Behmor 1600 plus is a small, compact coffee roaster having the dimension of 9 x 9 x 15.25 inches. And its weight is just 22.4 Pounds.

That means if you are looking for a coffee roaster that’s not going to take your valuable spaces, then it’s the right pick. On the other hand, it is lightweight than other roasters, which means easy handling and shifting facilities. 


  • Behmor 1600 Plus has five customizable roast profile and manual roasting override for the types of beans and types of roasting.
  • The control paned is a bit confusing, however. You can start with the manual at first and get used to it. The time you get familiar with it, you can easily change the temperature, drum speed and other variables.
  • It’s a semi-automated machine.


From the control panel, you can see that maximum roasting is one pound per batch.

But it’s not recommended to roast at full volume because at full volume the roaster becomes inconsistent. It gets tough to achieve medium quality roasted beans even in full capacity.

There are options for choosing ¼, ½ and 1 pound batches from the control. Even at the control panel P1 means the hottest roast and P5 means the coolest roast.

Though the roaster has a low capacity, it’s excellent for small coffee shops selling coffees to small numbers of customers.


If you are looking for a coffee roaster having roasting profiles available, then Behmor 1600 plus is the best pick for you.

It has five default roasting profile. However, it has no USB so you can connect it with software to create your profile.

Another thing is that it has an auto-safety feature. When the roasting process is 75% complete, it will warn you to press start. Otherwise, it will start its programmed cooling cycle. This profile helps to keeps your kitchen safe from the smoke of roasted beans if you are unavailable at the time of roasting.

Chaff Management & Smoke Ventilation

Roasting is love, but cleaning is a must to keep the roaster in good condition. Behmor recommends cleaning the chaff tray after every five uses.

Behmor has a built-in chaff tray attached to the roasting drum. It collects most of the chaffs from the roasting drum.

Behmor has a built-in smoke suppression system. But there are many users complain that the indoor gets too smokey. This problem is easily solvable by placing it outside or against a fan to let the smoke disperse away outside.


  • Efficient Cooling Cycle
  • Chaff Management tray
  • Easy cleanup
  • Consistent roasting


  • Capacity– If you want to roast more than a pound of beans per batch, then it’s not suitable for you. The Behmor serves its best for small coffee shops and also for home use.
  • Fully Automated Experience– Behmor 1600 is not a fully automated machine. You have to provide instructions in the roasting process. It has only five presets of roasting profile as it has no USB port so you can’t create your roasting profile.

Behmor 1600 Plus Final Review

For roasting at your home or small business, then Behmor is the best choice for the purpose. It’s not suitable for large coffee shops as it has a limitation of not able to roast more than one pound per batch.

Secondly, some users complain about its smoke suppression system. They say it becomes smokey while roasting.

Finally, it has no USB port. So Customized roasting is not possible with Behmor 1600.

However, these are the minor problems associated with a coffee roaster of this price range. If you don’t bother about these minor problems, then the Behmor 1600 shall become a sweet spot of your coffee roasting.

5. Dyvee Coffee Roaster

Why the Dyvee Coffee Roaster is the best for Small Business among the above roasters?

You run a small business. You need small amounts of beans to roast. Then the Dyvee is the best for you!

It’s a small coffee roaster. It has a great look and doesn’t kill the valuable spaces in a room. Moreover, the quartz glass body helps the user to see the roasting process!

Let’s see why it is best for you!


The Dyvee Coffee Roaster is exceptionally cheap. You can get it from any online shop under 300 dollars. Comparing the price it’s the best mechanical roaster within this price. Small business owners can get a consistent roasting experience with this roaster.


It can roast up to 400 grams per batch. But it’s not a good practice to roast more than 200-300 grams per batch. A rotating drum gives a consistent roasting experience.

Roasting Time

You have to set the temperature for the burner manually. To get a dark roast, it needs an hour approximately.

Quartz glass-covered drum

The aesthetic part of the roaster is the drum, covered with quartz glass. You can see through the glass, the beans, and the ongoing roasting process. Those who love mechanical roasting rather than automated experience, it’s a passion for them. On the other hand, it helps to make decisions when the roasting burners need to turn off.

Easy Handling

The gas burner is lightweight and compact. You can easily handle it or shift it to a new corner of the house. You can simply set it on your gas stove or gas burner for roasting the beans. The wooden handle of the rotator doesn’t conduct that much heat. It will keep your hands safe.

Easy Cleaning

It’s a simple roaster operating on a rotating drum. It’s easy to clean and maintain. You can see the result by the shining of the quartz after cleaning.


  • Convenient for small coffee shops and home use
  • Excellent build quality
  • Cheap in price
  • Transparent rotating drum
  • Wooden handle provides safety from getting burnt.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy maintenance


  • Beans spill out is the issue here.
  • Not automation in setting the temperature
  • It doesn’t come with a gas burner.
  • Recommended to use it outside because of the smoke suppression issue.

Dyvee Coffee Roaster Final Review

For your small business, it’s best for this money. You can get it just under 300 bucks. Other than the automated part, it has no significant issues that can push it outside the track.

For those who like to roast manually, it will give them a fully mechanical experience.

After all who is the best under 300 bucks! Happy roasting!

4. Kaldi Motorize Coffee Roaster

Why do we recommend you to buy Kaldi Motorize Coffee Roaster?

If you are a fan of mechanical roasting, Kaldi is the best choice for you.

Kaldi coffee roasters are one of the oldest roaster manufacturers of Korea!

Let’s dive into the deep for knowing the pros and cons of this roaster.


Fromthe recent market research, we found that Kladi prices less than 500 dollars. If you run your own small business, then we highly recommend you to buy this.

There is no need to spend a thousand dollars for getting some technological advancements for small need; on the other hand, it will give you a perfect manual roasting experience.

You can try any type of customized roasting! That will create a variety of tastes.


We are talking here about the coffee roasters for small business.

You can roast up to 300 grams of bean per round, which means you are getting 40 cups of ground coffee from per batch of roasted beans. That’s pretty much enough for small coffee shops which sell a few hundreds of cups of coffee per day.

In case you need more than this amount, you can simply run some consecutive batches per hour. That will serve the demand.


There is a good thing for new roasters. If you are new in the art of roasting, you don’t need to worry as Kaldi has no complicated controls in its interface.

Kaldi is a full self-controlled coffee roaster that has no complicated rows of switches and buttons. You have the complete independence to change the temperature, drum speed and roasting time.

It has a wide hopper. It helps to pour the green beans into the roasting drum quickly.

The thermometer expresses the inside temperature of the roasting drum.

The removable Chaff tray collects the thins layers of the beans from the roasting drum.

Roasting Quality

There is no need to get disappointed thinking about the roasting quality of the coffee roaster.

The roaster won’t disappoint you.

It has an innovative technology called Air Roasting Technology. It helps to distribute the heat evenly inside the roasting drum resulting in a consistent roasting.

Roasting Time

Kaldi has an impressive less roasting time than other roasters. Within 10-15 minutes, it can turn the green beans into the darker ones.

Here is freedom for you! You can try different roasting times by changing the drum speed, increasing or decreasing the temperature. That will create a variety of taste.


  • In our view, under 500 bucks, Kaldi is the best choice for the money.
  • Those we like to take full control over roasting rather than relying on software Kaldi is for them.
  • It provides consistent roasting, equipped with innovative air technology, Wide Hopper, and other accessories.
  • So, for an excellent roasting experience, Kaldi can serve your purpose very well.


  • If you are a newbie in roasting, we do not recommend you to go for Kaldi.
  • It may be difficult for you to control all the variables at first.
  • It is not a portable roaster. It has a significant amount of weight of 4.1 Kg. That means if you are planning to carry it for your vacation, then you should go for some lighter ones.
  • For mechanical roasters, Kaldi is the best bid. But if you are a tech lover and want to set your roasting profile by using software rather than your instinct, then you should go for those roasters which provide technological facilities.

3. Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster Machine

Why the Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster Hits the Number 3 Position in the List?

Are you tired of searching for a cheap electric coffee roaster? If your answer is Yes, then let’s dig into the details of Jiwanshun Coffee Roaster!

Let’s see why people prefer Jiawanshun over the other roasters! What are the reasons behind it?


Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster comes at an exceptionally low price. Under 150 bucks you can get a Jiawanashun Electric Roaster that’s cheap. And that’s why people choose this roaster for their small business or home roasting.


You can roast up to one pound per batch by Jiawanshun coffee roaster. That’s pretty enough for small coffee shops. If you see a rise in the demand just run some more consecutive batches.

Roasting time

The roasting time depends on the quantity of the beans per batch. At the ultimate limit, it takes 20 minutes to get a batch of dark roasted beans. But it’s recommended to take smaller batches to reduce the roasting time. It also creates consistency in beans.

Temperature Control

Jiawanshun has a temperature regulator which indicates temperature from 0degree Celcius to 240 degrees. It will give you the ultimate control over temperature. The rotating arm helps to ensure the even distribution of beans.

Heat Resistant Transparent Cover

Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster has a heat resistant transparent cover. It helps to see the entire live roasting process, and there are four holes in the cover for smoke suppression.

Non-sticky Chassis

The frying pan is non-sticky. So, you will not face any problems related to it.

Multipurpose Use

You can use Jiawanshun for other uses like roasting other beans, peanuts and popcorns, which is a great advantage for you to use it for useful purposes. It saves money. 


  • Very cheap
  • Multipurpose use
  • Less roasting time
  • Gives evenly roasted beans
  • It has good longevity.


  • It has no Cooling Fan.
  • Chaff removal is a issue here. Sometimes the chaffs stick to the chassis.
  • Need to use it for outside roasting. Otherwise, it can make indoor Smokey.
  • It is not a preferable option for an enthusiast.

Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster Final Review

Under 150 bucks, Jiawanshun is the best of this price. It’s an electric roaster and suitable for those who are new in the art of roasting.

Also, one can use it for multipurpose uses. It has a pretty easy interface to control—no complex settings or variables.

Though it has some issues with smoke suppression, chaff removal but those are negligible comparing the price range and facilities.

So, if you are about to start a small coffee selling business, this is for you. 

2. Gene Café (CBR-101)

Gene Caf‚ (CBR-101) - one of the best coffee roasters for small business
Gene Caf‚ (CBR-101)

Why did we place the Gene Café(CBR-101) with in the top three choices list?

At this stage, we are introducing you to a less expensive coffee roaster.

If you want to get a reliable, less expensive, durable and relatively less complex coffee roaster, then The Gene Café(CBR-101) is the right pick for you.

You should consider it for not only the price but for the consistency of roasting it provides within this price range.

Let’s see why should you buy it.


If we try to compare the above roasters with the Gene Café, then under 550 bucks there is no good competitor to Gene Café based on functionality and design. Gene Café is perfect comparing the price.

Dimension & Weight

Gene Café is a compact roaster. It has a dimension of only 19″ x 10″ x 9.” It’s handly to carry it anywhere, even to the picnics. Its weight is 5.5 Kg only. That is a plus point for shifting and carrying.


It can roast from 50 grams of small batches to large batches like 50 grams in a single batch. That’s pretty enough if you use it for home roasting or you can use it for small coffee shop purposes. In the case of increasing demand, you can run some consecutive batches as it has less cooling time.

Roasting Time

You can roast a batch in an average of a range of 15-22 minutes. The roasting time is comparatively less.

Innovative Mixing Method

It has an innovative Votex Mixing technology. It ensures the evenly mixing of the beans to get the beans of finer consistency.

Rapid Cooling

It has an innovative rapid cooling technology. It helps to decrease the temperature of the roasted beans rapidly. So, you can roast more batches per hour in case of demand.

Smoke Venting

You can use a 3″ metal dryer hose for venting the smoke outside. So, no smokey situation will arise inside the room due to roasting.

Heating & Temperature

The heating method is Indirect Hot Air heating, and the air temperature can rise from 0 degrees to 250 degrees. A 1300 watt heater does the heating.


  • Easy setup process
  • Transparent glass allows seeing the roasting process.
  • It has a highly efficient chaff collector.
  • It has noise reduction technology, not exceeding 65 decibels.
  • Safety Switch saves the beans from over burning.
  • The removable roasting chamber provides easy filling, emptying and cleaning.
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • The user manual is in poor English!
  • Inadequate rubber bumper against the drum
  • Fewer longevity issues

Final review of the Gene Café( CBR-101) coffee roaster review

Till now to us within this price range, the Gene Café seems the best pick for the price.

It’s a well-designed coffee roaster with great functionality and features like rapid cooling, less noise production. It also has no problem with smoke venting.

So, we recommend you to buy it. Because comparing the price, capacity and other features, it’s unbeatable. 

Gene Café( CBR-101) coffee roaster review

1. Fresh Roast(SR540)

Why the Fresh Roast(SR540) is the first in the choice List of the consumers?

The Fresh Roast is a popular introductory roaster for the beginners. Those who are a novice and want to roast but can’t get any convenient roaster that can serve the purpose, Fresh Roast is for them.

For your small Coffee shop, you can use it for your roasting. It can roast a smart amount of beans per batch that can serve your purpose.

So, analyzing the price, design, functionality and ease of use, we placed the Fresh Roaster on the top of our choice.

Let’s dive into the deep to know the details of it.


The Fresh Roast is with in the reach of your price range. Its price is just under 200 bucks.

For any beginner roaster, the price is just perfect comparing the features. And also for the small coffee shops, it’s enough to serve the daily load of coffee cups.


It has a capacity of roasting up to 120 grams of coffee beans per batch. That’s enough for your small coffee shops. In case of greater need, you can run some consecutive batches to meet the demand.

Roasting Time

It has an incredibly fast roasting time. You can roast a full batch just within 10 minutes.

The consistency of the roast is also great.


  • Fan Speed control- There is a fan speed controlling the switch in the control panel of the roaster. From there you can change the fan speed. The fan speed controls the progression of the roast.
  • Digital Time Elapsed Display- The control panel has a digital time elapsed display that shows the elapsed time while roasting. But you can no get to see more than 9.9 minutes on display. It will help you to decide when you need to stop the roasting process.
  • Run/Cool button- The Roaster has a single button that controls the roasting and the cooling. Cooling is important because if you don’t start the cooling cycle, the beans continue to roast even without heating. The cooling option can immediately cool the beans within 3 minutes.
  • Temperature Selection – There is a temperature selection option in control. It helps the select High, medium and low temperatures from the control panel. Also, there are three settings for cooling.

Chaff Collector

The Fresh Roast has an integrated chaff collector. It helps to collect the chaffs and detach it from the roasted beans. That’s a great feature.


  • For handling a small coffee shop, the Fresh Roast has a capacity of roasting up to 120 grams which means 20 cups of coffees per batch. In case of increased demand, just run some more batches per hour as it has a low cooling time.
  • There are nine levels of heat settings. The heat settings will allow you to take control over the roasting process for getting beans of expected consistency.
  • The average roasting time for Fresh Roaster is 10 minutes. It will serve you great on your busy mornings or in case of rush periods.
  • The roaster runs on a fluid motion roasting system. It will help you to save the beans from over burning.


  • It has a small ultimate capacity. It can roast up to 120 grams per batch.
  • The Fresh Roaster has no good smoke suppression system. That means you have to roast in a well-ventilated area; otherwise, the indoor will get Smokey.

Final review of the Fresh Roast(SR540) coffee roaster review

By considering the price, design, features, we found that Fresh Roaster is the first choice of customers. People who know nothing about the art of roasting they just want a hassle-free roasting experience.

In small coffee shops, owners look for cheap but good quality rosters. The fresh roaster has no issues related to it. Some minor issues like smoke suppression and small capacity are negligible to the features it provides.

So, from overall customer reviews, Fresh Roaster remains on the top of the choice.

Fresh Roast(SR540) coffee roaster review

Prospect of Coffee Roasting Business

Coffee roasting business - Best coffee roaster machine for small business
Coffee roasting business – Best coffee roaster machine for small business
  • Roasting coffee can be a superb business idea. I will explain the reasons here. If you want success then there is no alternative to meticulous planning. There is a good number of facts that may inspire you to start a coffee roasting business now.
  • The demand for roasted coffee has multiplied in the last decades. The main reason is the constant evolution of coffee culture. You can offer a wide range of coffee blends:
  1. French Roast
  2. Espresso and Decaf Espresso
  3. African Roast
  4. Turkish Roast
  5. Bistro Blend
  • From the market segment, you get a huge number of clients from coffee shops, bakeries, corporate offices, retail specialty shops, mail order, and Grocery stores. If you move with a good business plan, your per annum sales increase is expected to be 20-30%.
  • A good coffee roaster machine can reduce your effort in the path of your success. Still, you need very fewer staff in comparison to other business. A team of 5-6 staff can handle a small coffee roasting business.

How to start a Coffee Roasting Business?

Coffee is a popular drink loved by billions of people around the world. Coffee beans are roasted to bring out their natural flavors. The process of roasting coffee has remained largely unchanged for the past 150 years, but there are many ways to get into the coffee business.

A roasting company is a business that roasts coffee beans and sells them to retailers or directly to consumers. Roasting can be done in a small shop or at home. The equipment needed for the roasting process is simple and inexpensive. Roasters can buy green coffee beans in bulk and roast them themselves, or they can buy roasted beans from other roasters and resell them after reselling them.

Starting a coffee roasting business may be difficult but with proper planning it can be done. It is important to determine if you have the capital for this venture, whether you are the only person in the company or there is a team.

You can also find out which permits are necessary for your county or city and how much they cost. Hiring a lawyer should also be at the top of your list, as well as getting an SBA loan or other funding options such as crowdfunding.

How to Start a coffee Roasting Business

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Coffee Roaster Machine For Small Business

Is there any difference between big and small coffee roasters?

Big roasters ensure consistency as they want to provide a similar experience to all customers. For a small coffee shop, you always receive coffee of similar expectations.
Small roasters focus on the details of the roasts. You can attain better quality control.

What Should Be The Best Advice for starting a Coffee Roasting Business?

1. Quality is the Soul of Coffee Roasting Business. Maintain a cordial relationship with your clients. Impress clients with quality coffee roasting. I talked to many small coffee shop owners. They prefer to stick with a single coffee roaster.
2. Small Coffee Roasting Business is Profitable. The coffee shop industry is highly competitive. Many coffee shop owners would love to do business with small boutique coffee Roasters who can provide unique, fresh roasted coffee beans.
3. Consistency Matters. Generally, a small coffee roaster starts to make a profit by the third month of the business. But It takes time to strengthen the foundation. There is the space where consistency works.
4. Try to Roast and deliver your coffee beans weekly.
5. Be in one market initially.

How long coffee remain fresh after roasting?

There is a rule of Thumb in the coffee roasting study. Freshly roasted coffee should be ground within three days after roasting to get the best optimum quality of the coffee cup.


Have you ever fallen into trouble because your beans don’t taste like the coffee shops? Oh please! If you love something, love it with a vastness like a sea. Perfectly roasted beans can make a huge difference. Sometimes same beans, same procedure but not roasting the beans in a proper way or lack of a perfect coffee roaster machine can turn your coffee undrinkable.

From our broad research on the top ten coffee roasters available in the market, we tried to give you a clear overview of the specifications of each of them.

We tried to tell honestly the pros and cons of them, customers user opinion, price, features and all the related information that you seek before buying.

We also arranged the whole review in a descending order formation to make it easy for why and which one you should buy.

Also, we tried to attach a relevant picture of each roaster and related videos of how to use it.

There is no need to rush before buying a roaster and search for specifications at the company’s boring user manual section. We have made things easy for you. Just go through our profile and mark which features you want in your roaster.

We think you will find your roaster.

Thank you! Happy buying!

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