Best Small Coffee Roasters in 2022


Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven- One of The Best Small Coffee Roasters

Why do we call Nesco 4816-14 the best all-rounder coffee roaster oven available on the market? 

Coffee beans are not the only things that require a good roast for a great taste. Items like turkey, spaghetti, etc. can be roasted for some fantastic recipes. 

But do you think you need to have different roasting machines for all of these additional items? I don’t think so. 

Nesco has come up with their multiple usage roaster Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven. With this mini roaster in your kitchen, roasting coffee and other items will get way more comfortable for you.

This review contains everything you need to know about the Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster so that you’re sure of your product instead of getting misled.

Circle of Heat

Distribution of heat is what determines how best a roast, bake, or steam will be. The Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster uses an exclusive “Circle of Heat” element for ensuring an even distribution of heat. It facilitates all coffee beans, getting roasted perfectly.

You get evenly distributed heating with the inside surface of the roaster. It generates moisture and even cooks. Apart from coffee beans, other items are benefited from this all-around heating greatly.

Internal Material

Porcelain is at the heart of this one. It is a renowned material for cooking well. In the roster, it provides a non-stick surface for cooking for roasting wonderfully. But it’s not the only player of material inside, though.

Porcelain is fused to the steel at a high temperature. Thus, you get a non-porous surface. It is also straightforward to clean since the texture is non-sticky.

Heating intensity 

Since a roster works by heating the element inside it, it is natural that a good roaster should have a good heating capability. A 750-watt heating base powers this roaster. It’s a standard feature on an excellent quality roster. 

There are six different temperature settings that you can choose from within the range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This wide range of temperature control allows you to get light to dark roasted coffee beans.

Size and Portability

The worst thing about a large-sized appliance is difficulty in movement. With the Nesco roster here, it is certainly not the case. 

You find the balance between quantity and comfort for the six-quarter size. It can serve up to 6 people at a time and perfectly portable too.


  • ● It can be used to roast things other than coffee
  • ● Side handles stay cool
  • ● Porcelain material on the inside
  • ● Can cook for six people at once
  • ● Has a wide range of temperature control


  • ● The lid has a low build quality
  • ● It takes a bit longer than the others to heat up
  • ● It weighs more than the average. 

Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven Review

This Coffee roaster oven from Nesco is an all-rounder in performance, capable of roasting coffee beans for all kinds of coffee beans to boost up your energy in the morning.

Considering features and quality, it could be one of the best home coffee roaster choices. You can cook for six people at a time. 

But you also need to keep in mind that the price is higher than the average. Considering all of these facts, I think it is one of the best coffee roaster machines you can get to make a perfect coffee. 

KALDI-5 Mini Home Coffee Bean Roaster with ThermometerOne of The Best Home Coffee Roaster Machines

Why do we consider KALDI-5 Mini as the best coffee roaster machine, especially for home and personal use? 

Be it a coffee roaster or any other product; if it’s from Korea, you probably know it’s going to be a good one. This Korean coffee roaster uses the drum roasting method and has some excellent set of features. However, this one requires an external heat source that might frustrate you sometimes.

This mini roaster is for home use, personally usages, or when you are on the go. 

In this review, we will dive deep into all the features of the Kaldi-5 mini coffee roaster. By the end of the review, you will get a reason to buy it for your home.

Material and Accessories

The drum is stainless steel. While it doesn’t oxidize quickly, you should know that the heating makes it dark. Although there aren’t any fancy buttons or dials, it does have everything required for a perfect roast like a roasting time controller, drum speed controller, etc.

You’ll get a wide hopper to put the beans into the drum after it gets hot. The thermometer is entirely accurate to show the temperature inside the drum. A probe rod is also present, making it easy to get some beans out of the drum while roasting and checking.

Roasting Method and Roast Quality

Out of the two conventional roasting methods, the drum roasting method and the fluid roasting method, Kaldi-5 mini uses the drum method. Like any other drum roasters, this one has a drum to put the beans in. 

The drum is perforated and is about 2-3mm thick.

The drum gets heated and spins with the beans inside of it. The beans are roasted by coming in contact with the hot drum body. And the result is a pretty good roast. 

Don’t get confused by the miniature size. It roasts like any of those large-sized professional roasting machines.

Roast Capacity

Since it’s a mini roaster, the low bean capacity of 200-250gm shouldn’t come as a shock to you. But if you are looking to roast a bit more beans, then it’s a con for you.

Heat Source

As the name suggests, there aren’t any internal heating mechanisms in this roaster, nor does it run on electricity. You have to provide an external gas burner. The roaster structure should sit well over an average-sized gas burner.

Roast Time

The Kaldi-5 takes about 5-10minutes to deliver a perfect roast depending on how hot your drum was. Although most of you can wait a bit longer to get the perfect roast, this time is a sweet spot that’s neither too fast nor too slow.


  • ● Hopper is useful for pouring beans.
  • ● Handy probe rod for checking bean condition
  • ● The temperature is accurate enough.
  • ● Roasts quickly
  • ● Good build quality


  • ● No built-in heating system needs an external gas burner
  • ● High price
  • ● The drum gets dark due to heating

KALDI-5 Mini Home Coffee Bean Roaster with Thermometer review

KALDI-5 Mini Home Coffee Bean Roaster is a perfect coffee roaster machine for home use and on the go! It works quickly to cheer you up instantly and, at the same time, maintain an ideal temperature. The most amazing part is the robust build quality that lets you use it for a long time.

Though the price is higher, the worst part is you still need an external gas burner to operate the machine. After all of these, I think you should go for it if you need a small home and personal use device. 

Household Coffee Roaster Machine Electric Coffee Beans Roaster for Cafe Shop- One of the Best Electric Coffee Roasters

Is it the best Electric coffee beans roaster that roasts all the beans evenly? 

How would you feel if you had something that was an excellent coffee roaster, and you could roast other nuts in them as well? If you use the Household Coffee Roaster Machine, then you would feel pretty good. 

This electric coffee roaster from “JIAWANSHUN” does a fine job in not only roasting coffee but roasting all of them evenly. But is it worth it? That’s what we try to discover in this review today. 

External Build

The first thing anyone would notice is the transparent lid. Nothing’s more beautiful to a coffee lover than watching some freshly roasted beans in the process. 

Not only that, there are four holes on the lid that lets the aroma travel through and make you crave even more.

The roaster base is of a black Teflon layer, which is non-sticky, making it safe and easy to clean. There’s a rotating level as well. It helps to stir the beans as they get roasted to ensure an even roast.


It has a bit higher than the average capacity when it comes to bean weight. It can take anywhere between .6lbs to 1.1lbs of green coffee beans. 

This high capacity is sometimes useful for people who like to roast their beans but can’t manage to do it frequently.

Heat Source

You have the option to choose from a 110/120 volts’ roaster and a 220volts roaster. Electric heating is quick and efficient. There are dials on the rooster body that allow you to adjust from 0degrees to 240degrees for different types of roast.


Besides roasting coffee beans, you can use this roaster to roast almonds, peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, etc. Although some people only want their coffee roaster to be exclusive to coffee roasting, it doesn’t hurt to have it ready to roast other things too. And that’s where this roaster shines.


  • ● Transparent lid with holes.
  • ● Rotating lever at the bottom for even roast
  • ● The Teflon base is suitable for non-sticky, easy to clean surfaces
  • ● Ease of heating system with an electric heating system
  • ● You can use it to roast nuts


  • ● Everyone does not like electrically heated roasts.
  • ● Ordinary design.
  • ● The temperature dial can get wiggly sometimes.

Household Coffee Roaster Machine Electric Coffee Beans Roaster for Cafe Shop Review

Many spend hours to find a perfect coffee roaster that will evenly roast all the coffee beans; here is the ideal machine if you are one of them. Not only that, it could be a perfect choice for you if you want to roast nuts as well. 

If you didn’t like an electric roast, then you may need to avoid it. Moreover, the design is not anything special. Besides these facts, I would highly recommend this roaster for personal use.  

110V Coffee Roaster MachineOne of the Best Small Coffee Roasters

110V Coffee Roaster Machine - One of the Best Small Coffee Roasters
110V Coffee Roaster Machine

Why were we called it the best budget coffee roaster machine having all the necessary features? 

Sometimes, you want to get the job done within your meager budget as possible while not compromising the result’s quality. If that is for roasting coffee beans, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

This roaster from “DNYSYSJ” is small, easy to set up, and gets the job done without any major hassles. But is it the one for you? There’s nobody who can answer that question better than you. 

However, we can help you answer it by letting you know about this roaster’s pros and cons.


At the very beginning, I’ve said about getting the job done with as little trouble as possible. One of the ways this roaster achieves that is by having a small drum that holds only up to 120grams of green coffee beans. 

But how is having less capacity a good thing? Well, if you think about it, the more coffee beans you will have in your drum, the more you’ll have to worry about getting an even roast. Smaller drums are guaranteed to produce an even roast across all the coffee beans. The small quantity is more comfortable to handle.


The drum material is SAE 304 stainless steel. It contains about 18-20% chromium and 8-10% nickel. The standard stainless steel helps pass on heat into the coffee beans faster and cools down more quickly for a great roast.


Since the roaster uses the drum method, the drum has to spin to keep the coffee beans evenly heated. For this, the drum of this roaster rotates at a rate of 45rotaions per minute. Unfortunately, this speed is unchangeable. It’s not super slow, but it’s not super-fast either. 


Like all other drum roasters, this one relies on an external heat source for heating the drum and roasting the coffee beans. Choose anything from a propane stove, electric stove, or direct fire. 

All you need to do is supply a constant heat source, and the rotating motion will take care of everything. 

Huge Drum Opening

There is an opening of a 50cm diameter on the drum. It’s a unique feature of this coffee roaster. It makes it very easy for you to make visual inspections of the beans while they are roasting. You can take a spoon to take out some for a closer and a better review as well.


  • ● Very cheap compared to other coffee roasters
  • ● Huge opening on the drum
  • ● No primary setup is needed
  • ● Easy to heat
  • ● Easy to maintain


  • ● A common material used in the build
  • ● Only one rotation speed
  • ● No thermometer
  • ● Beans might get spilled if drum placement is wrong

110V Coffee Roaster Machine Review

If you are looking for a budget machine to roast your coffee bean, I would say it is the perfect product. It provides the best possible service with quality at a lower price and average. Moreover, you’ll need the least amount of work to set it up.

A drawback of the product is they didn’t provide any thermometer with it to read the temperature. Also, you need to be very careful about the placement of the drum. After all, It’s an excellent offer for you as the best budget coffee roaster machine. 

Hario Retro Coffee RoasterOne of the Best Small Coffee Roasters

Why do you have to consider Hario Retro as the most aesthetic coffee roaster machine with excellent performance?

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know about the quality of Japan’s products. Their reputation is worldwide and rightly so. And for something as delicate and essential as coffee, they’ll surely not make something that’s not worth the money. 

The Retro Coffee roaster from Hario is one of those products. It roasts only about 50grams of green coffee beans, but the outlook with a glass container will surely blow your mind. This review will help you figure out why you should and why you shouldn’t make your purchase.


It takes 50grams of green coffee beans. That’s it. But the way this coffee roaster processes those 50grams is what makes Hario ask a significantly higher price than anybody else on the market. 

Build Quality and Material

The mainframe of the coffee roaster is of stainless steel. There’s a heat resistant glass container that takes in the 50n grams of the coffee beans. A handle is present on one side of the box to rotate it: no motors, no switcher, just a hand-cranked container.

Everything is handmade in this roaster. 

The build is from the right quality materials from Japan and lasts a long time. The base contains a chamber for inserting fuel. The fire hits the glass container directly from below and roasts the beans.


The base of the Retro coffee roaster from Hario takes in fuel as same as any other fuel to be used in an alcohol lamp. For a high temperature, you can use methanol. 

Since there is no dedicated temperature controller, the roller speed can be changed to change the temperature.

Roasting Time

It takes about 15mins to roast a batch of 100grams of green coffee beans. So a 50gram batch would take about 7 or 8 minutes only. The roasting time isn’t too much, and it isn’t too little either. It is around the sweet spot of roasting times.

High Price

The high price of around $350 of this roaster seems to upset many people at first. But only when they realize that this product is handmade from Japan, they start understanding the price. 


  • ● Handmade product
  • ● Made in Japan
  • ● Heat resistant glass drum
  • ● Hand-cranked drum
  • ● Excellent roast


  • ● The price is too high
  • ● Only 50grams capacity
  • ● The glass container is risky to handle
  • ● Requires hand cranking to roast

Hario Retro Coffee Roaster Review

Do you know what I like most about this product? It is a pure handmade product from Japan that makes it so unique. The stainless steel made coffee roaster has a heat resistant glass drum that makes it efficient and energy-saving and gives it an aesthetic look.

Though the price is high, it ensures a perfect roasting. But the fact is it has a low capacity. Considering all of these, if you need a small but good looking coffee bean roaster, why don’t you choose this one! 

Handy Coffee Bean RoasterMini Coffee Roaster Machine 

Why did Handy coffee roaster get the place of the best mid-sized coffee roaster?

Those who want to have a good time roasting their coffee beans want to make the extra effort in every step. That includes rotating a hand-cranked drum as well. That’s what the Handy coffee bean roaster has to offer. 

There are many hand-cranked coffee bean roasters in the market. But how does this one stand against those? This review will answer not only that but also why you should opt for this one. And even if you don’t, the reasons behind them will also be here.

Material and Build Quality

Its drum of stainless steel. Heat resistant, durable, and delicate is the first thing that you should know about the drum. While there are more options on the market for a better drum material, stainless steel is not a wrong choice either. 

You can see beans’ condition through the holes in the drum.


The stainless steel frame holds about 200 to 250 grams of green coffee beans. It is like the sweet spot of coffee beans. Not too low like 50grams, and not too high like the large roaster ones. 

Temperature and Fuel

This one comes with an alcohol lamp to place underneath the drum. Alcohol fuel is not available, though. Any fuel for an alcohol fuel lamp would work here. The strength of the fuel will have an impact on the temperature. 

Also, you can adjust the baking height. It will change the temperature your drum receives and thus giving you manual temperature control. Since there are no buttons or dials for temperature controls, that’s the best you can do. But when done correctly, it does a pretty good job.


  • ● Great roasting experience.
  • ● Can you see the process?
  • ● Can smell the aroma
  • ● Comes with an alcohol fuel lamp
  • ● Cheaper than other similar models


  • ● No digital temperature control, no thermometer
  • ● The hand-cranked process can be painful for some
  • ● Doesn’t come with alcohol fuel

Handy Coffee Bean Roaster Review

Bake and observe while you crank and roast- that’s the slogan of this David lee roaster. And when stainless steel framing surrounds such a sturdy (not necessarily a monster) bean roaster, roasting becomes fun. Let’s not forget the delicacy it delivers along with coffee grinding. Neither the color nor the shape of the beans will ever leave your sight to taste elsewise.

The overall parallelepiped frame holds the roaster as well as the crank in place. All mid-sized coffee bean roasters won’t provide the same comfort. And the extent to which this one gives makes it a decent choice for home and family. 

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