10 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee for College Students

Do you know what percentage of college students drink coffee? The National Coffee Drinking journal says that 40% of college students drink coffee every day. Their age varies from 18-24 years.

Can you imagine how famous this drink is among students?

Are you a college student? This article will unfold the benefits of coffee for college students.

Imagine a stressful day with consecutive classes, exams, and labs. Did you ever overcome such tiring day without the cup of this stress-relieving drink?

Staying active during your boring lectures is impossible without that cup of coffee. You need it to keep yourself energetic and awake.

Besides this, there are other health benefits of coffee for college students.  Coffee does not only help in the study. It also provides essential vitamins like antioxidants and bioactive compounds. It increases logical reasoning, including attention during the study.

Studying with drinking coffee is a healthier and safe option. Taking other medications to keep you active and energetic is not suitable for your health.

There is a very famous saying:

“College and Caffeine a match made in heaven.”

The saying reveals the divine relationship between a college student and a cup of coffee. If you are one of them, I know you understand it well.

What type of coffee do you like most to buy with your saved pocket-money? Can you find your favorite coffee type in the next section of this blog?

benefits of coffee for college students
Types of Coffee popular in college

Top-Rated Coffee List in the Campus Menu

There are different types of coffee in the world. Every region has its specific types of coffee and has different popularity.

Here is the list of strong coffee for students. You’ll find at least one of them, written on the green board of the college cafe.

Mocha coffee

A study shows that Mocha coffee is famous among the students if they are studying hard. Students lookout for strong coffee before stressful exams with higher credits.

Cappuccino Coffee

Costa cappuccino coffee is an ideal coffee among the healthy coffee list. It has 185mg amount of caffeine.

The amount is significant enough. Students consume it more during exam preparation times. Do you like Cappuccino?

Biohazard Coffee

Students want productivity in their studies. Biohazard coffee boosts your mental alertness. It keeps you active and awakens during night time to concentrate on your research.

This pack of coffee yielded the best results for a whole day of study. It happened a week before their exams.

Consumption for best health benefits of coffee for college students

Benefits of coffee for college students
Courtesy: The Gustavian Weekly

The most important question is, in what amount you should drink coffee as a student? What should be the daily consumption rate?

If your worries revolve around these questions, find your answer now. Coffee is healthy for life and a good part of the diet. But everything needs moderation.

But if you are consuming too many cups of coffee, then it will lose its effectiveness. It may not longer provide the same energy level as fewer cups of coffee. So, too much consumption of caffeine brings you to the next level.

Apart from the health benefits of coffee, there are side effects too. It causes difficulty in sleep and anxiety. One of the previous studies shows that 200mg of caffeine is enough for one day. One recent study shows that three to five cups of coffee can be beneficial for health.

In the next sections, you will find details about the benefits of coffee for college students.

What is the Best Time to drink coffee as a student

When to drink coffee? Does this question strike your mind?

Morning time is not suitable to drink coffee. 


Because the energy level is already high during the morning, there is no need to drink coffee. If it’s possible, avoid that morning cup of joe.

Most people drink coffee between 8 am to 9 am. But drinking coffee at that time is a wastage. It does not affect your body.

A recent study shows that the time from 9 is to 11:30 am is the best time to drink coffee.  In the afternoon, from 1 pm to 5 pm, it is also a good time. It will boost your energy and is more effective.

benefits of coffee for college students - college coffee shops
Coffee shop in a college campus

Coffee Shops near college premises

Can you forget the name of the Starbucks coffee when it comes to the coffee shop? Well, as a student, going to Starbucks is way too expensive. Let’s come to the coffee shops in your college premises.

You’ll see the establishment of coffee businesses surrounding colleges and universities. Which college does not have at least a coffee vending machine?

Students need coffee to attend their lectures with full concentration and energy. So coffee follows them from the entrance to their lecture rooms. Coffee shops provide them with all the necessary types of instant coffee.

A coffee shop is present in all places related to your socializing and studying.

Now you understand, what are the benefits of coffee for college students?

Coffee benefits for students are uncountable. In this section, you’ll find the 10 surprising health benefits of coffee for college students.

If you are yourself a college student, it is a must-read for you.

Health Benefits of Coffee for College Students

Coffee is not only a drink; it has a lot of beneficial health effects. Coffee is famous all over the world among students and workers.

Many researchers showed the impact of coffee on health with amazing results. It has good taste and provides energy. Intake of a moderate amount of caffeine has sound health effects.

Caffeine causes a significant part of its health benefits. So this section will cover the pros and cons of caffeine consumption too. 

Longer and Better Life

Some research shows a positive relationship between coffee and longevity of life. Some teach that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee in a day has a 15% longer life than non-drinkers.

Coffee decreases the risk of many diseases; that’s why people sometimes call it a live saver drink. 

Another study shows that in men, 12% and women, 16% decreased the death rate. Reviews described that drinking coffee makes you live longer. It can reduce the young death rate.

Coffee improves short term memory

Caffeine makes our brain active and productive. It affects the chemistry of our minds.

Johns Hopkins researchers show that it improves your memory. It also found that after 24 hours of consumption of coffee, it retains memory. So, it’s not only enhancing your short term memory but also long term memory.

Coffee boosts memory. So it’s essential for student health because they need to sharpen their mind. It helps in memorizing information related to tests, presentations, and exams.

A single cup of coffee in a day can improve your memory.

Research by “Nature Neuroscience”

Heightened Energy level

Coffee improves brain functions and energy levels.

How coffee gives energy?

Coffee provides a significant amount of neurotransmitters in your blood. It helps in making your body energizing.

Anyone can say that without coffee, the work would stop. Coffee is like a drug that acts as a psychoactive substance.

For students, coffee is the safest way to maintain their energy. It enables you to stay active during lectures. It alerts your mind to work faster, better your mood, and make you efficient.

Help to make you smarter.

A study shows that coffee is the only drug that keeps you awake and improves your mental functions. A cup of coffee in a day sharpens your tired mind. Students drinking coffee will show good results and efficient in learning techniques.

Improve physical Fitness

As a student and worker, there is a need for physical Fitness to look good. Coffee helps in burning the fat and increase metabolic rate shows in various studies.

Drinking a cup of coffee before the gym increases efficiency and helps in burning fat. The heated fat converts into energy that provides more power to do an extra workout.

You never underestimate coffee as a student because it keeps you fit without extra care.

Provide essential nutrient increase fiber intake

Coffee contains different nutrients and antioxidants that are essential for human health. Coffee helps in boosting the immune system.

 Following are the nutrients:

  • Riboflavin
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Pantothenic acid

A cup of brewed coffee provides 1.8gm of fiber. So, coffee increases the intake of fiber.

Reduce the stress level

Student life is more prone to depressions. Coffee lowers the stress level of students.

There are lots of causes of depression, exam sessions, and unemployment after study. Life is not a constant source of happiness. Yet, much research shows that coffee drinkers have fewer stress levels than non-drinkers.

So, coffee makes you happier and decrease the risk of depression.

Help you to protect from type 2 Diabetes.

Coffee decreases the risk of diabetes type 2. The main reason for type 2 diabetes is an unhealthy diet.

During student life, most of us are not eating healthy food and never concentrate on it.

It may cause type 2 Diabetes in students. A study shows that people who are drinking coffee have lower chances of getting this disease.

Is Coffee Good For Diabetes?

Protect from Cardiovascular diseases

One of the leading causes of death is cardiovascular disease. There are many myths about the coffee that it increases the blood pressure. But it sorts out over time.

A study shows that coffee drinkers have 20% less stroke risk. Coffee reduced the risk of stroke and did not increase heart-related problems.

Help to protect you from different types of diseases.

One of the most common neurodegenerative diseases is Alzheimer’s. It is the leading cause of Dementia is. This disease is not curable. A study shows that coffee up to 65% decrease the rate of getting this disease.  Coffee can stop the occurring of this disease.

Parkinson’s disease is another dangerous disease like Alzheimer’s. People who are drinking decaf coffee have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. So, coffee is useful for decreasing the risk of getting these diseases.

Side Effects of Coffee

Before you start drinking coffee, you should know the side effects. Drinking coffee is not always suitable for everyone.

It also has some harmful health effects. Many issues disrupt the study of students. You should know both the side effects and benefits of coffee for college students.

High Blood pressure

After drinking coffee, it boosts your blood pressure. You should avoid  Coffee if blood pressure is increasing. According to recent researches, it will cause heart-related disease.

Lower bone density

A widespread effect caused by the coffee is dehydration. Coffee consists of diuretic, which causes lower bone density. Drinking coffee interferes with the metabolism and uptaking of calcium.

Reduce sleep quality

Coffee has natural stimulants that stimulate the activity of the brain. Due to the stimulation activity, it will cause difficulty in sleeping.

Coffee affects the quality of sleep and causes anxiety and depression. If students end up taking too much coffee, they will face sleeping problems.

 The solution to this issue is reducing the amount of coffee intake in your daily routine. Then check how it will help you to sleep well.

Tooth decay and staining

It is also a pervasive issue among students who are drinking too much coffee. These issues arise due to drinking large coffee and adding too much sugar. Drinking coffee with a lot of sugar cause tooth decay and staining.

Weight gain

The sugar and milk added in the coffee caused weight gain issues among the students. Over time it became an issue to maintain physical Fitness.

High Expenses

Another issue related to drinking coffee, especially for students it adds cost up.  If the coffee machine is present at home, then it is cheaper. Otherwise, expenses are hard to manage if you drink coffee and 3-4 cups a day from the coffee shop.

Side effects of coffee

How to avoid addiction to coffee?

The Excessive use is of coffee, not suitable for health. It can cause adverse effects on health and less effective. You should know about the amount of caffeine you are taking in a day. If you are drinking too much coffee, it causes addiction.

Let’s focus on how to avoid coffee addiction?

If you are a coffee lover and drinking a lot of coffee, it will be a stricter process for you.

You have to struggle to cut down the amount of coffee.

After cutting down to half, you did an excellent job. No need to stop drinking coffee. But drink it in lesser amounts that will not affect your functioning.  In this way, you can start surviving without a coffee addiction.

Drink 3-4 cups of coffee in a day; it will not affect your functioning.

The Bottom Line of Coffee Intake

Coffee is the most famous drink worldwide.  It has a fantastic effect on health. A cup of coffee in a day will energize your life with happiness.

If you are a college student, a day without this stress-reliever is impossible.

There are many benefits of coffee for college students.  

There are many benefits of coffee for college students.  It protects from depression and gives energy.

It also provides essential nutrients and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

So, 3-4 cups of coffee in a day will boost your energy. You can read one of our best blogs to reveal how much coffee per day is healthy.

But do not forget to consult a physician if you face any side effects for coffee intake.

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