How to make Green Coffee, with 5 amazing health benefits

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I have a magic boon for you.

This boon will burn your  EXTRA FAT. And slow down the appearance of SIGNS OF AGEING.

What happened? Will my magic boon solve two major headaches of your life?

Well, wait, I am not a magician. If you have read my other blogs, you know that I am an exceptional coffee lover. So, let me introduce you to one of the best versions of coffee (the magic boon).


In this blog, I’ll show you how to make green coffee step by step. But before that, let me introduce you to this unique member of the Coffea Arabica family.

What is green coffee?

Both regular coffee beans and green coffee beans are seeds of the same Coffea Arabica fruit

So, why do you think they are different?

Now, if your answer is because of the green color, you are thinking more grossly.

The key difference comes from roasting. Regular coffee beans are roasted beans. In contrast, green coffee beans are unroasted beans.

And the exciting fact is, this roasting changes the coffee aroma, color, and taste. Even bean’s nutrient value and chemical composition changes. It results in increasing green coffee benefits more than you can imagine.

If you are still not satisfied with its beneficial sides, jump to the next section to know in detail.

How to make green coffee - green coffee vs regular beans
Unroasted Green Coffee beans and Regular roasted beans

Why is green coffee beneficial?

I’ll discuss two components in this section. If you have ever researched a bit about coffee, you are already familiar with both of them.

These elements are

  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Caffeine

Chlorogenic acid and Caffeine, enhance the health status of green coffee beans.

● Chlorogenic acid in green coffee

Chlorogenic acid is an incredible natural antioxidant. It can fight with many health problems. It includes issues like diabetes, weight loss, indigestion, and high blood pressure.

Do you know what the best thing about green coffee is?

It contains more chlorogenic acid than your regular coffee.

Chlorogenic acid is lost during the roasting process of regular coffee beans. Since green coffee beans are not roasted, the content remains intact. Your body absorbs and metabolizes it at a quicker rate. You can take more health benefits thereby.

● Caffeine in green coffee

Coming now to the second component – the high Caffeine!

Are you someone like me who cannot complete strict project deadlines without a cup of coffee?

Imagine you are feeling too tired, and you have a stack of files to check within a tight deadline. How is it even possible without a few cups of coffee?

It is the caffeine that keeps you fresh on such type of strict schedules. But there are hundreds of controversies on the side effects of excess caffeine.

Green coffee solves all of them. Where a standard coffee serving contains 100 mg of caffeine, green coffee contains only 20 mg.

So when you are taking green coffee, you are getting your caffeine “fix.” It also prevents your body system from getting into any caffeine-induced hyperactive episode. Sounds crazy enough?

You are not compromising with your coffee cravings. Still, you can get many times more health benefits from one serving of green coffee.

I can write a whole blog describing the benefits of green coffee. For your ease, I have written a few more green coffee health benefits in the latter part of this blog.

Okay, let’s stop here and move on to your primary concern. How to make green coffee?

How to make green coffee step by step?

You can follow three different ways to make your healthy green coffee. You can make it from;

  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Green coffee powder
  • Green Coffee whole beans

Ingredients will differ for each method. In the next sections, I’ll describe how to make green coffee from each of the three compounds of coffee.

I’ll be explaining the steps in two subsections, one is the ingredients, and the other is the procedure. So either grab a pen and paper or open the notepad section of your phone to jot the points. Wait, a screenshot is a good option too.

photo 1564507098231 065d0822c973 1
Green Coffee Beans

How to make green coffee extract?

Ingredients to make a green coffee extract with a strong flavor

  • 1 cup (170g ) of green coffee beans
  • 3 cups (710 ml) of water

The procedure of how to make green coffee extract

It is a 6-step process. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Buy high-quality wet-processed green coffee beans. These beans are not dried with the fruit left on. So, there will be no mold-growth. It will be even better if you can buy machine-hulled seeds. You will get husk-free beans then.

          You can buy green coffee beans online. Or if you know a local coffee roaster, ask to  

          keep some unroasted seeds aside for you.

  • Rinse the fresh green coffee beans under the sink with a fine mesh strainer. Do not rub them vigorously; it may result in losing the papery chaff. You’ll lose your coffee’s antioxidants.
  • Transfer your fresh beans to a pot on the stove.
  • Pour filtered water in the pot and put on the lid. Turn your burner to a high flame. Keep heating the beans until the water boils.
  • After some time, take off the lid. Turn down the burner to a medium flame to allow the water bubble gently. Simmer your coffee beans for 12 minutes. Keep stirring them, but occasionally. Make sure you don’t lose the chaff from the corner.
  • It’s now time to turn off your burner. Take a suitable container to pour your extract. Place a fine-mesh strainer over it. Start pouring the extract over the filter. The strainer should be such that it catches the broad bean chaffs and beans.

You already have your coffee extract now in your container. You can store the beans to steep again.

If you want to do so, store it in a sealable bag once they get cooled. Keep them in a refrigerator. You can steep them within a week again. But after that, discard it.

Your green coffee is ready to drink. If you do not prefer to much strong flavor, dilute it with water. You can cover it and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days.

How to make green coffee powder?

Ingredients for your green powder recipe

  • Organic green coffee beans
  • 2 cups (300 ml) of hot water
  • Sweetener – honey or sugar

The procedure of how to make green coffee powder

Making green coffee extract from green coffee powder is easy. Go through these steps to make your flavored drink.

  • Take your fresh green coffee beans. Wash them under running water. Leave them to dry.
  • Crush the dried beans in your grinder. If you want, you can order your green coffee powder online. Ensure medium-fine grind. Grounds will be such that they come out about the same consistency as sand.
  • Add the powder to the boiling water. Stir it for a least of 10 minutes. Store the rest of the powder for future use.
  • After turning off the gas, leave the mixture at rest for 10-15 minutes.
  • Pour the mixture in a cup. Make sure to filter through a sieve.
  • Add honey or sugar to your drink if you prefer a sweet taste.

And your morning green coffee is ready to serve.

How to make green coffee by grinding

How to make green coffee from whole beans?

Ingredients to make green coffee from whole beans

  • 20 gm of whole green coffee beans
  • 2cups (300 ml) of hot water
  • For flavor – Sugar, honey or a pinch of cinnamon

The procedure of how to make green coffee from whole beans

The good news is, the process is almost like that of green coffee extract. Yet, there are minute changes. Let me show you those in the steps below.

  • It is a time-consuming process, so it is better to prepare whole beans in large batches. The first step is to soak the beans overnight.
  • Put the mixture of soaked beans and water over the stove. Boil it on high flame. Simmer your mix on a low flame for 15 minutes after the water boils once. Stir it at intervals.
  • Let the mixture cool down before you pour it over the sieve.
  • The residue you are getting is strong enough, and you can consume directly. If you do not like the intense flavor, feel free to dilute it with water.
  • Since you are preparing in a large batch, store the rest in the refrigerator. But use it within three days.
  • Add cinnamon, cardamom, honey, or sugar, whatever you prefer for flavor.

If you follow any of the three steps, you are one step away from your healthy green coffee drink.

Are you thinking of adding green coffee to your regular diet? I’ll give you more information about its health benefits. Find them in the next section.

Health benefits of Green Coffee

Health benefits of green coffee you need to know

  • Helps in weight loss

Green coffee is most famous for its potential to induce weight loss.

Regular coffee beans can affect your weight loss journey. For this reason, green coffee is a better alternative.

In the earlier part of this blog, I told you why chlorogenic acid level remains higher in green coffee beans. This element helps you to lose weight by removing fat deposits in your body. Besides, to control your hunger, it helps to manage a hormone named leptin. The tremendous antioxidant Green Coffee thus helps in fat metabolism of your body.

  • Normalizes your blood sugar level

By reducing high blood sugar levels, green coffee helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

It may reduce glucose absorption in obese people. Some studies show it reduces fat accumulation and resistance of insulin.

  • Shows Anti-aging properties

Green coffee extracts contain many antioxidants. A majority of them show anti-aging properties.

In many skincare products, you’ll find green coffee as one of the components. Caffeine helps to decrease skin roughness and the formation of wrinkles.

Does your face turn red when you go under excessive sunlight? Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid in higher concentrations. It helps to reduce this redness of the skin.

  • Management of diseases

Green coffee beans are rich in antioxidants. It helps to fight against damaging free radicals in the body.

Free radicals assist in developing diseases like cancer. A study says that chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract helps to prevent cancer. It inhibits the proliferation of four types of cancer cells.

  • Improvement of Energy levels

Caffeine in green coffee extracts, help to improve your cognitive performance. It affects your athletic performance, blood pressure, and psychological well being too.

So, are you ready to take the sip of a cup full of green coffee bean goodness?

But wait for a minute. As you know, I am a coffee lover, not a dietician. So before taking your green coffee dosage, make sure to consult with a nutritionist.

Green coffee dosage

Follow the dosing instructions on the package you bought from the market. Track your daily green coffee consumption and see if you develop any side effects. Limit the use according to your needs.

Side effects of green coffee beans

Green coffee contains more caffeine than regular roasted beans. You may develop possible side effects like headache, diarrhea, and urinary tract infection. If you see any such symptoms, cut off the green coffee from your diet. Do not delay to consult with a doctor.

I have a useful suggestion for you. Whether you drink the extract or green coffee powder drink, try consuming it in an empty stomach. And wait for 30 minutes before you eat a snack or a meal.

Read the dosage instructions given by coffee manufacturers and follow with care. If you have a coffee allergy, I regret to say, but green coffee is not for you.

By now, you know all the steps on how to make green coffee. Follow them and enjoy the best drink ever.

Do you know a more exciting way of making your green coffee livelier? Share your experience in the comment below. I am eager to hear from you.

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