How Does a Percolator Coffee Pot Work: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

How does a percolator coffee pot work? If you love the mind-blowing aroma of the coffee, This obvious question will eventually blink in your mind.

The percolator coffee pot works in the best way to derive that pleasant flavor is by brewing it. This method is unique, and it involves the use of pot in the continuous cycling of the brewing water. Before the introduction of the automatic drip makers’ percolator method had dominated the industry. Even to this date, this method is still prevalent.

At the end of this blog, You will be able to know the following:

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  2. The brewing method of a coffee percolator with the best possible brewing experience.

Most people like coffee. There are different methods of preparing it. Whatever method is used to brew coffee, deriving the authentic flavors is very important.

Several factors make the percolator coffee pot indispensable in the coffee brewing method. The first is that the percolator method does away with the volatile compounds available in the beans. The other reason is that the coffee flavor will never diminish.

The coffee percolator works on the principle of gravity. The belly pot serves the purpose of an orbit, which draws water bubbles. It works through the convection movement. When the temperature rises, the water moves away from the heat source.

Bubbles move upwards, using the hollow steam at its middle, to the chamber holding the coffee grounds. The water will rain over the coffee, moving downwards to the potbelly. It  goes on until the coffee is brewed.

Why Choose a Coffee Percolator?

There are several percolator options when it comes to coffee making. There are coffee brewing machines out there you can choose from. Despite the availability of these alternatives, people still rely on this because of the obvious benefits. Here are a few reasons percolator would still dominate other methods of coffee brewing:

how does a percolator coffee pot work
How does a percolator coffee pot work

Flavorful coffee

The full happiness comes out when you derive the full flavor from a cup of coffee. You must choose a device that can bring out that original flavor that coffee is known for.

Percolator coffee pot will offer that flavor, and you get them in full. The coffee is more tasteful and more nutritious compared to what you get when you use other methods to brew the coffee. This is one of the reasons it is famous among coffee makers.

If you are the type that likes coffee at its best, then you can choose a device that offers full-flavored coffee when you taste it. This pot provides you that.

Ease of use

Perhaps the most important reason people still prefer this device above others is the easy service it provides. You must choose a device that can serve you and your guests when you need it most. If you have an urgent need to entertain your guests with the best-brewed coffee, then you can think of this kind of product.

It is simple and easy to set, and it does not take up to ten minutes to get the coffee done.

The coffees are not only prepared fast; it is served hot as well. It saves you time, and you can serve large numbers of people in less time compared with similar products out there.

Compact Design

Furthermore, the product is compact. It does not occupy space in the kitchen wherever you put it. If you have limited space in your home, then you can choose this since it is going to save spaces for you, and you will like that. If you do not want to keep it in the kitchen top, then you can conveniently pack it and store it away.

Because of the compact design, you discover that the product is portable and lightweight. Due to the lightweight and portability, you can conveniently take it along with you wherever you go. This single reason makes it winner over others out there.

How does a percolator coffee pot work: Process and Principles

The basic principle here is to use boiling water and extract coffee from the ground beans. Percolator has two chambers. These chambers are connected, but one is stacked.

The bottom chamber contains boiling water—the water when it is boiling, moves through the tube to the ground beans. The sieving system filters the liquid passing through the system.

Different Percolating Systems

Different percolator systems are available. The difference lies in the various heating systems. Some may use a stove for heating, while others may involve an electrical heating system. These days, percolators can use glass cups to display the heating and percolation process.

How Coffee Percolation Originates

Coffee percolator started way back in 1810. It was invented by Count Rumford, also known as Sir Benjamin Thompson, as an alternative to tea and alcohol since he does not like any of the two. He desired to promote coffee as an excellent alternative to tea and alcohol.

Percolator became available for commercial purposes around the period of 1819. It was primarily used then through kitchen stove heating.

Before the arrival of automatic drip coffee makers, Coffee percolator pot was extensively used by the coffee brewer.

The Heating Process

A percolator must come with a coffee pot, and this is where the brewing process takes place. This pot comes with a small compartment at the bottom, and this is where heat emanates.

The heating system is done in the pot, and the heat passes upwards through the lower compartment towards the top of that percolator. Below the upper end of that tube is located in the perforated compartment.

Water is passed to the pot through the low compartment, as well as the ground coffee to the top chamber. The quantity of water to pass through that system is determined by different factors. It includes the number of beans and the number of cups you want to make.

While adding water, ensure that the water level does not rise above the coffee compartment. The water must first heat, and when it heats, it begins to bubble. It is the bubbling water that finds its way through the tube.

When it reaches the tube top, it finds its way out of the lid of the coffee compartment. Because the lid is well perforated, water is mixed evenly around the coffee grounds. Water has to move from the ground and to the bottom of the coffee compartment. This is a continuous process. The heating process continues. When the water reaches the boiling point, the spurting sound will stop. When the water boils, then the coffee is ready, and you can serve yourself.

Coffee percolators are popular, and that is because the process is simple and it is an inexpensive way of brewing coffee. Before the seventies, this technology was the most effective way of making coffee. The emergence of automatic drip coffee machines reduces the over-dependence on the percolator for coffee making. It is still trendy, and many people still rely on that technology.

Percolator Types

At least three types of percolators are available. Their heating methods distinguish these types. The most common type is the stovetop percolator. From its name, the stove is undoubtedly the heating source. The other type is the camping percolator. It is used for camping purposes, and firewood can be used to heat the percolator pot to make coffee. If you are a camper and you do not have an electric source of energy, you can use this model because it heats them through firewood.

The third type is the portable and electric percolator coffee pot. You can heat the pot through electricity. This is portable. You can always carry it along with you.

How does a coffee percolator pot work: Summary

You have already understood the primary mechanism. It merely involves the use of boiling water and the condensation technology to brew coffee using the percolator pot.

The process is simple, and if you have ingredients needed for it ready, it does not take time to conclude the process. Place the coarse ground coffee in the pot basket and place it on the pot top chamber. The condition of the beans is critical.

Secondly, fill the chamber with water. Ensure that you do not exceed the required quantity. If the water is filtered, it is good. As said before, do not overfill the coffee with water. Look for a device with a fill line. This can guide you in determining the limit.

Get the coffee basket as well as the stem, and put them inside the pot. Insert the percolator lid at the appropriate place at the top. This is the time to start applying heat to the pot. If you want to use a stovetop for the heating process, you can start to boil it. While boiling, you must be cautious to prevent over brewing.

If you are using an electric percolator coffee pot, you can preset it to regulate the heating system. It is easy to determine when the coffee is made to avoid brewing. Once the water boils, then it is done.

Electric heating does not take more than seven minutes to boil, and once it has reached the boiling point, then it has reached the final brewing point.

The water has to bubble through the stem continuously and through the condensation process. A warning here. The cycle repeats itself. Because of that, there is a tendency to over brew. When it is over-brewed, it won’t be delightful and this is not good for your taste.

Before you use the percolator thoroughly, clean the components, especially if you are using it for the first time. It is also necessary that you clean it anytime you want to use it to make your coffee.

Furthermore, the coffee must be adequately cleaned before you grind it. Ensure there is no debris, and you can do that during the grinding process.

Ensure that you add fresh water and do not fill it beyond the required level. Fresh ground coffee should be used for the brewing process.

How does a percolator coffee pot work

Percolator Pot Components and Their functions

There are five components of the coffee percolator. Here is the list of the components. It is pertinent to state that these components must be readily available before you can prepare your coffee using the percolator coffee pot. Here is the list of the components:

  • Percolator coffee pot
  • The stem
  • Filter basket
  • Filter basket cover
  • Coffee pot lid

These components perform vital parts in coffee brewing. The pot is where you put the coffee, and this is where the brewing process takes place. Heat is also applied to the pot.

The stem is very useful in stovetop heating, as well as the electric-powered pot. This consists of hollow metal, and you can find this at the pot bottom. If you are using a non-electric pot, it consists of flat and round bottom of the pot as in the stovetop model.

The filter basket slides to the tube, and this is where the ground coffee is contained. It also comes with a filter basket cover. This around and perforated lid, which you can see on the filter basket top. The coffee pot lid often comes with a glass bubble inside it. This depends on the heating device you choose.

The glass bubble is significant because this is where you can observe all the actions taking place in the pot. You can tell when it is boiled or brewed through the action of water sprouting up and going down.

If you want to get the best coffee using this pot, you must ensure that all the components mentioned above are clean before you use them. It is better to wash them regularly after each use. Wash them using dishwashing liquid and hot water. The stem also should be neat, and you can clean it using the pipe cleaner, as well as a thin brush. Use anything that can pass through the stem, and that can achieve a thorough cleaning result.

Which kind of coffee is the best

The type of coffee you use could present a problem. It is better to use freshly ground coffee. You can achieve a good result irrespective of whether you use a hot stove to heat it or you want to use electricity for the heating process. The taste is also going to be better, and the brewing process is also going to be faster.

After using the system, you can disassemble them and store them in a safe place. You should have the manual to guide you through the process. Ensure that the coffee stem is put in the correct place when you are making your coffee. If it is not in a proper place, it could be challenging to achieve the kind of result you want.

During the preparation process, the water level is fundamental. A lot was said about this. Take care so that it does not rise above the filter basket level. Monitor it closely and do not exceed the recommended level.

Ensure that every other component is in place, such as a filter basket.

As you are aware, there are two heating methods. The first is the stovetop method, and the second is the electric percolator method. If you want to brew using the electric device, you can plug it on and then switch it on and monitor the brewing process. It will be on its working until it is through the perking stage. If, on the other hand, you are using a stove to heat the coffee, you can put it over a low flame to cheat the system. Lower the heat when you begin to notice coffee spurting from the system.

You have to watch and monitor the system carefully. Whenever it stops perking, then you have to remove the pot from the heating source. If it on the stove, you have to bring it down. Apart from that, when you are using an electric device, then you can switch it off.

You must be very careful here and ensure that you do not scald yourself in the process. Remove the lid of the percolator pot as well as the whole filter from the pot. The condensation process is ongoing, and if you do not remove the parts mentioned above, it will continue to condense and drip into the already prepared coffee. This aspect is essential and you must be very careful in using it.

Now that the coffee is ready, you can serve yourself and others. It is time to enjoy your coffee.

What to consider in choosing the best percolator coffee pot?

Choosing the best percolator coffee pot is not easy, and before you make a choice, you must consider some factors. Here are some of the features to look out for when you are looking for one:


The capacity of the pot is the first thing to consider when you are looking for this kind of product. This has to do with the number of cups the system can prepare at any time. To determine the right capacity, consider the number of people to feed. If you have a large house, which means that many people will partake in the coffee, then you must look for a large capacity pot. You require a smaller capacity for less number of people. The number of people using the system is critical, and this determines the capacity and type of pot to purchase.

If you have a large family and you have a small capacity percolator coffee pot, you have to prepare the coffee several times. If you have a large capacity, you can prepare it only once.

Heating system

Another factor to consider is how to heat the percolator coffee pot you are going to buy. This has to do with the heating system. There are two types in the market today, and they include the stovetop and the electric heating system. You have to consider whether you want to use a stovetop heating system or the electric heating system. The benefit of choosing a stovetop model is that you can heat with firewood as well as stove and gas. You are sure of a delicious coffee. If you also want to embark on a camping or hiking expedition, you can choose this model.

If you want to use this in your home where there is electricity, you can choose the electric-powered model. The purpose of use will determine the type to buy. When it comes to convenience of use, most people would prefer the electric model. It is easy to control. It is a question of plugging in the device and removing it when it is done. There are no complications. If you want to use an electric model, think about whether it is compatible with the off-grid situation. Can you connect it to another power source when there is a power outage? If you get one that connects to multiple devices, it is better.


Finally, the issue of price is significant when you are making that final choice. Generally, this item is not very expensive. However, some factors can affect the price. If you want the cheapest, you can opt for the basic models. Choose advanced models because they are still affordable, and they come with the best features. However, your budget will guide you when you are making a choice. There is no need to opt for what you cannot afford or what you will find extremely hard to maintain. You must make your budget and look for those you can comfortably afford and which can serve your purpose very well.

Maintenance and accessories

Another essential factor to consider is the issue of maintenance. It is not necessary to opt for a model you cannot maintain. Most of the models in the market are not difficult to maintain. Moreover, you have to think of the accessories. If there are needs to replace any components, the accessories must be readily available, and they must be affordable as well. When you are looking for one, this is one of the features to consider.

Is there any difference between a percolator or Moka pot (Bialetti)?

To me, they are very different from each other. Yet they produce strong black coffee.
The brewing method in the coffee percolator is simple. The ground beans are added to the water in the same unit. The brewing process can be recycled, which makes the taste acrid and highly concentrated.
For the Moka pot, the brewing process is different. The Moka pot has three units. But the direction of coffee brewing is in a single order. Coffee lovers also call the Moka pot as Stovetop Espresso, as the water rises through the holding chamber. Though the taste is not up to the espresso standard but not that bad too.

Does Coffee Percolator Need a Paper Filter?

No! The metal basket is perforated which holds the coarse ground coffee.


Percolator pots remain the most popular way of brewing your coffee. If you want to make fresh coffee, you can use this device. There are several models in the market, such as stovetop and electric models. You can make a choice based on your need and budget.

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