Attention: The Ultimate Coffee Grinding Tips for Home Brewing {For 2022}

Whatever your loved coffee or brewing method is, you need to grind your beans. These 5 Coffee grinding tips will try to make you understand a single fact. It is not that every grinder can produce a uniform ground coffee. But if you know it now, you can get the best coffee experience out of your coffee grinders at home.

The 5 Essential Coffee Grinding Tips

There can be thousands of coffee grinding tips. We have sorted out only the essentials for you. If you have started to experiment with new coffee recipes at home, then you will need these coffee grinding tips badly.

Tip-1: How Coffee Beans Influence Grinding

Think about a time 100 years back. There were no fancy gears to brew a cup of coffee like today. The single fact that defined everything for coffee was the coffee beans. But amid thousand varieties of coffee, do all the variations taste the same?

As an average coffee consumer, you may not know the sharp difference between robusta or arabica. But the single fact may give you an excellent brewing experience. If you want to get the most out of your brew It’s better not to buy ground coffee.

The roasted beans remain good on an average of around 9-12 days if you keep it properly. A study found that the freshest taste remains between 2-10 days when you roast your beans.

If you have just started to brew at home, you should remember that the entire coffee experience depends on three things. 

  1. Roasting your coffee beans 

Coffee beans develop flavor and headspace aroma by coffee roasting.

  1. Grinding the roasted beans

The extraction of a volatile substance depends on grinding

  1. The brewing method

The brewing process makes it finally ready.

Tip-2: Grind Size Matters

If you have a burr grinder, it may have a different setting that I have. The perfect cup of Joe always varies from person to person. A best practice is the visual comparison for coffee brewing. Here are some suggestions. Consider the coffee ground of 5 variations:

  1. Extra fine

Turkish coffee needs an extreme and extra-fine coffee ground. This type is a precursor to almost every form of coffee. Apart from the variation from the traditional way, in general, You need to boil the water and dump extra-fine coffee grounds on it. Boil the water again until the coffee grounds settle.

If you want to get more caramel flavor from your coffee, you can add some sugar.

  1. Fine ground coffee

Espresso and Moka pots need fine coffee grounds. Robust coffee experience, in other words, the espresso you call it. Espresso hypnotized the world by its richest and condensed flavor. It’s a complex science of saturation.

On the other hand, Moka pot is a precursor to espresso. It’s hard to control the variables within it. But it ensures a rich earthy flavor. The taste is never pleasant. Mind it. 

  1. Medium ground coffee

For Drip coffee, pour-over coffee, siphon vacuum, and aero press coffee, you need medium size coffee grinds.

The taste and flavor of pour-over coffee depend on the filters you use, brew methods, and water ratio. If you want a light and delicate flavor, get it now. 

  1. Coarse Ground coffee

The French press is popular due to a single reason. It is the classic coffee flavor. Never lose your nuance because of immersion brewing and longer time of brewing method before you drink it.

  1. Extra coarse

Cold Brew and cold press need extra coarse ground.

These are old school methods of coffee brewing. You get a heavily bodied extraction. Aficionados die for it because of the center flavor profile, earthy flavor. If you still haven’t tried, taste it now.

The basic principle of grain size is the longer water in contact with the coarse ground, the better. For cold brewing, method coffee remains around 12 hours or more.

The fine grind of espresso remaining only around 30 seconds or less.

Tip-3: What Makes a Perfect coffee grinder

The blade grinder hacks up coffee with randomly sized bits, ranging from dust to chunks. It is challenging to get a consistent particle size. It leads to uneven extractions with poor flavor.

Burr grinders save your coffee beans. It produces consistent grinding and saves your time. Most of the cases burr grinders last for a long time.

If you are a beginner, then read our article on the Best electric coffee grinders for pour-over.

But you may not have a burr grinder always. You may have to go with your traditional spice grinder or manual coffee grinder.

Here is a trick. It may bring out the best from an average blade grinder. You can shake the grinder frequently so that beans get a turn over from bottom to top. Make the best use of your clock to get a perfect and consistent grinding.

Before buying a hand grinder never forget to check the issues:

  1. Speed
  2. Portability 
  3. Ease of grinding

Tip-4: When is the Perfect Brewing Time?

You can store whole coffee beans in an air-tight, cool, dry, and dark place for a month. after roasting it emits carbon dioxide up to two weeks. Most of the cases it starts to lose freshness by oxidation after two weeks of preservation.

But storing ground coffee is never a good idea. Due to the hygroscopic nature of coffee ground it’s better to consume within twenty minutes of grinding.

Tip-5: Clean Your Burr Grinder

Practically, when you go for cleaning your burr grinder then vacuum out all your coffee. It is the first step.

Oil and grounds at burr grinder
Oil and grounds at burr grinder

In the second step, take a hard small nylon brush and scrape the coffee ground to remove the remaining oil.

In the third step, wipe it again and vacuum it further.

Two important things you should remember. Never use any liquid to clean our burr grinder. Another one is that while scraping avoid hard objects to keep your burrs free from scratch.

Another quick way for frequent cleaning is grinding some rice. The benefit of this process is that you need not disassemble the grinders. Though you may sacrifice some coffee beans too for rice grounds.

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Final Thoughts

Coffee beans contain more than 800 volatile aroma compounds. Most of the cases, we lose the flavor of the coffee due to poor grinding. We simplified the entire process and tried to recommend the best coffee grinding tips for you. Please let’s know your experience on this issue. We will accept your valuable suggestions.

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