The Ultimate Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review for 2022: Is it worth your money?

We are passionate about specialty coffee, and we are always on the lookout for the best products to make it. We try out a lot of coffee makers, and there are some that we’re willing to share our thoughts about. Here’s our favorite — Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review for 2021.

The ninja coffee maker has good quality compared to many other affordable coffee makers. Apart from the downsides, It features a pod-free single-serve and carafe system to make specialty coffee. So, let’s find out those as well.

The versatile design with the Glass carafe of the ninja coffee maker is quite impressive. In this article, we will discuss all the details, pros, and cons, so you can choose the one that suits your preference. We have tested how easy it is to operate to help you out.

Is Ninja coffee maker right choice for you? Please keep reading to find out our conclusive thoughts!

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Things You Need to Know to Master the Perfect Brew of Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Following are a few features that you must need to know to operate Ninja coffee maker as a pro;       

The science of coffee to water ratio

Auto iQ One Touch Intelligence technology takes the right amount of water from the reservoir per drink type and size. So you don’t have to worry about water and coffee ration. Instead, Ninja intuitive intelligent technology will do the job for you.

Game of patience: (brewing takes time)

Compared to other brewing systems, Ninja takes more time. For example, it takes up to 4 minutes to prepare a single cup size drink. Similarly, a full carafe takes up to 8 minutes to get ready for brewing.

Caution: full brew requires all the components of a ninja coffee maker to heat up. So, the second and third cups will be hotter than the first one.

If it takes more than 8 minutes, consider going for a descale cleaning cycle.

The specialty of Ninja signature brew

Cafe forte and specialty are a huge selling point of ninja coffee bar for home brewers. The cafe forte brew to saturates more complex flavor coffee beans for rich flavor. Using rich flavor brew, you can prepare a classic cafe au lait. On the contrary, specialty brew gives a concentrated and deeply riched brew that works perfectly with frothed milk. You can combine with both hot and cold house coffee-style masterpieces. You can make a latte macchiato or flat white.

Thinking about something refreshing? Using over ice brew, you can make delicious Thai coffee.

Coffee Bean Extraction

Ninja thermal extraction technology evenly saturates ground coffee. It also controls the level of saturation, water temperature, and time bloom. Optimal coffee flavor is what makes the Ninja coffee bar stands out among other affordable coffee makers. It maximizes the flavor profile of every brew type.

Six Brewing options

Every ninja coffee maker is equipped with a Classic and Rich coffee option that works perfectly with milk. Even though most of the models have up to 6 different brew styles. But these two brew options are available in every Ninja model. All the options that you may find in ninja coffee Bar are listed below:

  • Classic Brew: a great cup of classic coffee offering a balanced and smooth brew for daily sipping
  • Rich Brew: richer and stronger than classic, it makes a brew that holds up to milk and delivers intense flavor.
  • Specialty Brew: this delicious brew is ideal for house-style drinks. You can get espresso-like strength without needing an espresso machine at home.
  • Cafe Forte: available only in Ninja coffee bar, this style is perfect for those who like a complex coffee flavor stronger than espresso in a specialty setting.
  • Cold Brew: Brew refreshing and delicious coffee within 10 minutes, ninja coffee bar done the job within 10 minutes what other brands take hours.
  • Over Ice Brew: an optional type for many brands, over ice brew, makes a refreshing coffee that is not watered down. Make sure that you fill the vessel with ice before it starts brewing.

Pod free single cups

Pods aren’t perfect for the environment. With a ninja coffee maker, you will brew a single cup without any pod. Isn’t it amazing? Like a full carafe, you only use your favorite grounded coffee and no pods.

In other words, it features a permanent filter. So you won’t be needing any paper filters or pods. Instead, fill the reusable filter with your favorite coffee and brew a full flavor profile. Unlike other filter papers, it won’t absorb any aromas of coffee.

They are not only economical but also good for the environment. Only a few filter papers will be filled in the landfills.

Tea or Cold brew

With ninja coffee makers, you can either brew tea and cold coffee. If you are a tea person, we recommend you considering Ninja hot and cold brewer. Additionally, you have the option to use tea bags or loose leaf tea.

Cold brewers use comparatively low water temperature to standard brewers. So you can not expect the same result as a unique cold brewer gives you. The main reason is Ninja hot and cold coffee brewer system uses heated water.

But the cold Brewer system is fast and timing convincing. It takes up to 15 minutes to complete the cold brew cycle.  

If you love cold brewer coffee, should you go for a 2-in-1 model?

Maybe and maybe not. It depends on your choice. But, please love cold brewer because of its most decadent sweet flavor, and the cold brewer doesn’t expose ground to hot water to preserve that richness.

What you get with Ninja Coffee Maker

  • User manual
  • 10 cups Glass Carafe (depends on the model you have)
  • Recipe book
  • Permanent Reusable filters
  • Removable water Reservoir
  • Ninja Smart Scoop measuring tool
  • Temperature warming plate
  • Flip-down cup holder specially designed for shorter cups

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review: The Built and Design

The unique feature of the ninja coffee maker is the different sizes and brew types that lacks in many other coffee makers.

For instance, have you thought about doing cold frothing at home?

You can do this with a ninja coffee maker. The system is easy to operate. However, it may require reading and a few more attempts to master this art.


Ninja coffee maker, despite its large size, is a decent-looking kitchen appliance. Made up of black plastic and metal accents, it is impressively streamlined. The cup platform folds up when you don’t need it. The frother moves in and out. When you slide, the maker filter basket rotates To stay handle in an inconvenient position.

Setting and interface

Ninja coffee bar has complicated settings. It offers a variety of brewing options. You can select the serving size. It includes a full carafe, half-carafe, travel mug, large cup, cup, and large multi-serve.

Brew time delay timer

Ninja coffee maker also gives you the option to keep your coffee hot. It has a 24 hours delay brew option. Set the timer and hit the stay warm button. It will brew the coffee exactly when you instruct it to. The only downside is it doesn’t have buttons to cancel, pause or start brewing.

You will have to read the complete user guide to understand the ninja coffee bar features fully.

Water Reservoir

The coffee maker’s water reservoir has a capacity of 50-ounces Made up of plastic. It is convenient, and measurements are written on the side that covers all the available cup sizes.

The reservoir is easy to remove from the machine. The lid stays out of the way when filling the tank. Isn’t it amazing? You can easily clean or fill a water reservoir.


Ninja coffee maker’s carafe is easy to pour and dripless. The glass is of high quality. For better grip, the handle is large. It is made up of plastic and metal accents. Moreover, the capacity of the carafe is 50 ounces (depends on the model you choose). There is a screw-on lid at the top of the carafe. It ensures heat throughout the brewing process.

The intelligence warming plate is installed below the carafe, automatically adjusting your coffee’s temperature without burning it. It has an automatic shut-off system. When you brew into the carafe, the warming plates turn on automatically. In other words, the intelligent warming plates will keep your coffee at an ideal drinking temperature for up to 2 hours.

Moreover, there is also a hot surface indicator to prevent burns.

Automatic Milk Frother

Ninja coffee system features an automatic milk frother. It has a detachable whisk. You will have to hold the whisk below the milk surface and push the button located on the top to start using it.

Coffee Scoop for easy measurement

Ninja coffee machine comes up with a two-sided scoop for easy measurement. Each side is labeled with suggestions to help you put the right amount of coffee. For example, the large side is recommended for measuring carafes and half-carafes, while the others side is designed for a travel mug and cup sizes.

Cleaning Ninja Coffee Brewer

Cleaning your brewer after every use is essential. Darker roasted coffee beans release a lot of oil when grounded. That’s why cleaning your brewer is vital for its proper functioning. We understand that cleaning such oil residue takes a lot of effort, but it will eventually become a regular habit once you start doing that.

Whenever the clean indicator is on, clean the coffee unit. Start by closing the drip stop.

Pressing the clean button again will descale brewer properly?

The answer is no. When you press the clean button again while cleaning, it will only redirect the machine to brew through the remaining cleaning solution. So your device isn’t appropriately descaled.

How to clean coffee maker after brewing?

  • When no clean indicator is on, the cleaning unit is straightforward. Start by closing the drip stop.
  • Wait for the grounds to cool down, and then remove the grounds.
  • If you are using a permanent filter instead, remove the filter carefully. Wash it with warm water and soap.
  • Milk frother and glass carafe can be placed in the dishwasher. If you have used milk frother, remove it and wash/rinse the whisk thoroughly.
  • Wash the brew lid and carafe with soap and warm water. You can use a sponge, cloth, or non-wired bottle brush to reach tiny areas as well.
  • Mix soap and warm water in a bowl. Soak the fabric in the mixture. Take out and squeeze the excess mixture. Use the cloth to wipe down the machine. Make sure that the warming plate is cool down at first. You can clean the water reservoir, filter holder, flip-top water reservoir lid, and ninja showerhead using soaked cloth in the same mixture.
  • For the descaling solution, only use white vinegar.

What do we like

  • Bunch of brewing options
  • Reasonably Compact design of what it does
  • Affordable
  • One machine can make multiple coffee type
  • Integrated built-in further

What we don’t like

  • Made up of lots of plastic parts
  • Brewing is comparatively slow compared to other models available in the market
  • Compact design but a bit tall. So, you will need a fixed allotted counter with free up-space.
  • A bit heavy. You require a designated spot on your kitchen counter.
Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Review

Does ninja coffee maker have an automatic shutdown feature?

Unfortunately no. Ninja Coffee Maker doesn’t come up with an automatic shut down feature. However, the glass carafe and warming plate featuring models have an automatic shut down feature after two hours by default. You can change the default shut down setting according to your need for up to four hours.

Do ninja coffee makers come up with a warranty?

Yes! Most of the ninja coffee maker comes up with one year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee.

How often do I need to clean the ninja coffee maker?

We recommend cleaning the ninja coffee maker after every use. However, if you are lazy or forget to clean the coffee maker, the ninja marker will remind you when it needs cleaning. Run the cleaning cycle using vinegar and water. We recommend using a commercial coffee maker cleaning solution.

Do all ninja coffee maker models offer specialty brews?

Unfortunately no. Only 12-cup ninja coffee makers offer specialty brews. For specialty brewing, you will either need Hot and cold brewer system or a specialty coffee maker.

Conclusive thoughts

Deciding the best coffee maker is entirely depends on your taste. If you love experimenting with flavors, hot and cold brews will definitely satisfy all of your cravings. Whether you are a classic coffee lover or enjoy mixing things up, there is nothing left that you can’t find out in the ninja coffee maker series.

So take your time, and pick up the best ninja coffee maker to satisfy your coffee cravings.

Good luck!

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