How to Make Dark Roast Coffee Taste Better: The Ultimate 3 Points to Consider!

A coffee lover may wonder whether, there is an easy solution to the question-“How to Make Dark Roast Coffee Taste Better?”. Dark roasted coffee beans have a rich and smoky flavor that you can’t get from light roast beans. Unfortunately, dark roast coffee is often the victim of bad preparation. If you’re looking to make dark roast coffee taste better, there are a number of techniques you can use to enhance the flavor.

Most people love dark roast coffee, but after a few years, they commence disliking it because it tastes ashy and tastes bitter. At this point, you will start revisiting your old dark-roasted friend to find a way of enhancing your relationship. It will help you determine why you used to love dark coffee in the past, unlike now. 

Furthermore, you need to understand that there is an extra dark Roast and dark roast coffee. Bear in mind that burnt dark roast coffee has turned off most people from darker beans. 

However, a perfect dark roast has top-quality as well as balance. To continue enjoying your coffee, you need to avoid ashy flavor and dirty. When you do this, you will continuously find your roast coffee sweet, smooth and delicious. 

This article has you covered if you are not familiar with dark roast coffee because it will guide you through a perfect dark roast coffee.

What Is Dark Roast Coffee?

The dark roast coffee features a dark brown color with an oily and shiny surface. Besides, it also has low acid and a heavy body plus sweet, deep flavor notes. It guarantees you a rich classic diner-style coffee flavor that is rich. 

You must know that coffee roasting is a procedure of changing green coffee beans to brown ones. Similarly, you can quickly tell different roasts by observing the texture and color of your entire roasted coffee beans.

How Coffee Roast Profiles Vary

Coffee roasting entails a lot of art than even science. Roasters feature numerous variables that you need to consider constantly to acquire excellent desired coffee with a perfect flavor. 

Furthermore, the roast profile is usually defined by the roasting time as well as the temperature. The primary components are the temperature rise and roast temperature reduction within some time. 

You must understand that the roast profile differs depending on the bean type you use. And this also leads to varying taste characteristics. The roast time is usually between 15 to 30 minutes, with a temperature between 180 – 250 degrees. 

Bear in mind that the roasting profile utilized by the roasting master determines the flavor’s maximum degree and characteristic of your coffee, which you will obtain at the end. 

Additionally, the bean type, origin, and processing influence your coffee’s taste. Moreover, these aspects also determine the roasting type. The roasting process changes your beans from yellow to some darker browns.

Why Should You Brew Light & Dark Roasts Differently?

You should brew light and dark roasts differently because light roast coffee can be tricky for dark roast lovers. Although, it guarantees curious drinkers with a great flavor.

Why Does Dark Roast Coffee Taste Like That?

The answer is quite straightforward. The light roasted coffee is more floral or fruity kind of qualities. It will often be more aromatic. Though it may create some sweety taste, yet it will often be much acidic as a result.

Points to consider here, when you roast coffee, the longer you roast coffee, the more you lower that acidity. At the same time, it looses its sweetness and turns to be more bitter.

Dark Roast Coffee Flavor: What to Look For

If you need classic coffee flavors, consider dark Roast. It has a chocolatey, smooth flavor and strong aroma with the appropriate amount of bitterness. You can start or end your day with this excellent coffee. Below are some spices, nuts, and sweets that make dark Roast coffee flavor:


  • Hazelnut
  • Praline
  • Cinnamon


  • Anise
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon


  • Dark chocolate
  • Fresh cola
  • Maple Syrup
  • Creamy caramel

The dark roast coffee is smooth and has low- acids. Likewise, it also has a balanced flavor and an overall density. In addition, the dark roast body is thick from the entire surface oil. If you consider all the listed requirements above, you are likely to enjoy your dark Roast coffee with excellent flavor comfortably.

Does Dark Roast Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Most people usually think that the dark roast strong flavor usually comes from a lot of caffeine, but this is a pure myth. You must know that caffeine content depends on how you brew your entire coffee. The more the beans, the more the amount of caffeine.

The Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans

The best dark roast coffee beans are outstanding due to multiple reasons. Among them being, they have an oily shiny surface. Likewise, it has a pronounced bitterness in terms of taste. If your Roast is darker, your drink will feature less acidity. Suppose you want to open a coffee shop in the coming future; you must understand varying roasts. Here is an overview of the best dark roast coffee beans:

  • Guatemala Antigua
  • Sumatra Mandheling
  • Tanzania peaberry
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Colombian Supremo

Best Brewing Method for Dark Roast

If you are looking for the most versatile coffee to brew, worry less and opt for dark roast coffee. Its flavor is consistent, and the Roast is uniform and solid, making it withstand pressure and heat.

You must understand that dark roast coffee is made to taste remarkable, like drip coffee, espresso, and pour-over. Ensure that the Roast is a bit lighter to prevent a charred and bitter taste. It will also improve the natural flavor of your coffee blend. To get the best coffee, you need to concentrate on the basics, such as:

  • Coffee beans freshness
  • Contact time
  • Water temperature
  • Grind size

Does Strong Coffee Have More Caffeine

Strong coffee does not mean it has a lot of caffeine. In addition, you might be aware that espresso incorporates a lot of caffeine compared to regular drip coffee, but this is not true. It rolls down to how you are likely to make the coffee.

Making Black Coffee Taste Good

As much as many people love coffee, a few find it hard to take black coffee. Hence they usually feel the need of wanting to make the coffee taste more good. It is achievable even though you do not want to overload it with cream and sugar. Although finding a solution to making it better can be somehow tricky. If you want to make your coffee taste better, below are healthy sweeteners that will make you enjoy your coffee more:

  • Maple syrup
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Coconut oil
  • Agave
  • Stevia
  • Honey
  • Vanilla extract
  • Salt
  • Almond milk/coconut milk/ soy milk
  • Cinnamon

Light Roast vs. Dark Roast Coffee

You must know that light roast coffee lacks oil on the surface of your bean. Furthermore, light roasts are fruitier as well as floral. It has a tea-like body and tangy acidity. Similarly, it can be a trick for the dark roast lovers, but it offers curious drinkers a colossal inspired flavor. Most of the time, light roast blend coffee is usually from Columbia and Ethiopia.

light vs dark roast coffee
Light vs dark roast coffee

Reasons for Coffee Tastes Bad and How to Fix it

There are numerous reasons behind your coffee not brewing well to meet your demands and needs efficiently. Here is an overview of these reasons and how you can ensure that you fix them.

Wrong temperature

Your coffee might have a bad taste because you brew it at the wrong temperature. Any cup of coffee should be brewed at 96 degrees. If your water becomes too hot, you could easily interfere with volatile oils as well as the subtler flavors of your entire beans. On the other hand, when the water is too cool, your coffee will be under-extracted. This is not an excellent way for you to start or even end your day.

However, this problem can be fixed if you invest in a great thermometer. You can opt for a fancy laser one or when a traditional one. Suppose you cannot find a thermometer, ensure your water boils and put it aside for approximately 30 seconds before you commence brewing.

Too small or too big grind

How you grind your beans can make a significant difference in your coffee’s flavor. Coffee grounds are supposed to be soluble enough to offer you a remarkable flavor. Similarly, they should be insoluble sufficient so that they do not get stuck in your filter system. Therefore, if your coffee tastes sour or even weak, your drink is probably under-extracted. You are likely to experience this when your grind is too fine.

Additionally, this also depends on the coffee type you are brewing. This means there might be a need for you to adjust the size of your ground. Furthermore, the way you grind your coffee beans for espresso usually varies from the regular drip coffee. To solve this issue, you have to know which brewing method goes with what grind. If you are making your coffee using a French press, your coffee beans need to be too coarse. Likewise, Turkish coffee needs beans ground that is fine, such as powdered sugar.

To get an excellent tasting coffee, consider grinding your beans. This might sound inconvenient, more so if you cannot afford a burr grinder. Water could be another reason for your coffee tasting terrible. It does not matter whether you usually fetch your water straight from the tap. It can still ruin your coffee. If tap water does not work for you efficiently, you can consider purchasing water from the nearest shop to make your coffee.

Low-quality coffee

Low-quality coffee can make your coffee taste bad. You might be wondering what the low-quality coffee is in the industry; worry no more because you will be enlightened here. Robusta coffee beans are lower-quality coffee.

However, most of the time, the designation is usually about the flavor than the bean quality. Most people love Robusta coffee because it is less flavorful and less complex compared to Arabica coffee. This means, if you do not love Robusta, you can consider Arabica coffee. It would help if you also felt that there is a specific roast as well as the bean. If you go for cheap coffee, your coffee will also taste cheap.

To avoid low-quality coffee, purchase excellent coffee beans. Ensure that you avoid pre-ground coffee, more so those that come with vague labels. If you do this, you will have a perfect opportunity to discover incredible coffee.

Inappropriate Roast

If you happen to roast your coffee, you might also be the reason why your coffee does not taste sweet. Besides, roasting is a tricky process that needs you to apply heat constantly during the roasting period. As much as you can roast your beans from your comfort zone, ensure that you come up with an environment that enhances professional roaster equipment.

The Roast quality can also be out of your control because roasters are also likely to make mistakes. Likewise, you purchase your coffee from your nearest grocery store, and you are also not possible to settle on quality beans.

To fix this appropriately, you need to develop a modern recipe or examine a suitable equipment substitute. If you think you purchased inappropriate beans, you can attempt to buy another batch of beans or even try to switch your coffee types. Coffee taste also rolls down to a personal preference. Consider changing your roaster or bean if you find out that they constantly disappoint you. If your friend loves it and you do not, do not feel shy to change and enjoy your coffee.

Beans are not fresh

Coffee usually does not feature an infinite shelf life. Furthermore, roasting generates carbon dioxide in the coffee beans. During the process of degassing, they typically leak carbon dioxide. Therefore, the more they degas, the more flavor is likely to escape. And if the beans have stayed in the cabinet for many years or it has not been stored properly, then it could be the reason your coffee does not taste sweet.

On the other hand, if you leave your coffee open at room temperature, its shelf life reduces by 10%. If you store it properly, then a continuous release of gas and coffee oil gases oxidation will greatly affect the taste of your coffee.

This problem can be fixed; no matter how painful it is to throw away your beans, this is what you are required to do. Thus, try all the time to store your coffee excellently. In addition, coffee is usually incredible when fresh. This means you can always shop at least a perfect amount to serve you for one or two weeks.

Ensure that you also examine the roast date on your coffee label and not the expiration date. Bear in mind in mind that fresh coffee beans range between four days and as well as two weeks old. Fresh coffee usually undergoes a degassing phase and has not had sufficient time to grow more flavorful oils.

Dirty equipment

Sometimes you might not feel like cleaning your equipment all the time when you only made coffee. Most people usually think that rinsing is enough for this equipment, but that is not the case. Therefore, suppose you do not know how to clean the coffee maker, then you better learn.

Additionally, it would help if you concentrated on your coffee pot as well as the filter area. You probably do not remember the last time your drip coffee maker reservoir. If you are experiencing this, you need to wash your coffee gear properly. After that, your immune system, as well as taste buds, will appreciate you later.

Using a wrong equipment

Making coffee without a machine can generate excellent results, but you are not likely to experience the accuracy and consistency of the actual device. On the other hand, you might be at a point where you want to explore coffee, and here is where you will require costly machines. It would help if you also watch out where you are consuming your coffee from.

Ensure that you do not reach out to plastic cups to enjoy your coffee. If you have thoughts of using a plastic cup, you better stop there because ceramic and glass mugs are the best whenever you are home. However, when you are travelling, you better opt for stainless steel. To fix this problem, you have to ensure that you use the appropriate equipment for your coffee, giving you an incredible experience.

Old equipment

There is no doubt that your coffee pot has served you in all conditions since it brought you happiness even during your lower moments. You must know that your equipment is not resistant to aging. This point is actual if you start disliking your coffee for no good reason.

More so if your water is filtered, appropriately heated, and you are using a clean machine with quality beans. If you are experiencing such a mystery, it only means that you require a modern machine. When it comes to fixing this issue, you can do nothing much apart from purchasing a modern coffee stat, grinder, or coffee maker.

How to Make Dark Roast Coffee Taste Better

If you are wondering how you can make your coffee taste better, worry less because you are going to learn excellent tricks on how to make a dark roast coffee taste better:

Pour a minimal amount of coffee

People consume coffee at varying speeds depending on their taste. Suppose the coffee is on the lighter roasted end plus more delicate favors. You will drink your coffee slowly since it will continuously evolve and taste better as your coffee cools.

To make your coffee taste excellent, you need to ensure that you drink it in smaller portions. Similarly, if you brew a lot, you are likely to interfere with the quality of your coffee. This you need to brew less than what you require. However, if you are going to brew a larger coffee cup, ensure that you store it in the carafe.

Minimize the brewing temperature

When brewing your coffee, you need to consider doing it under a standard temperature that ranges from 90,5 to 96.1 degrees. Furthermore, as much as you might fall in between the range, your coffee will have an excellent taste that will leave you longing for more.

Bear in mind that a higher range of the temperature mentioned above makes the lighter roasted coffee taste incredible, while the darker roasted coffee does amazingly at a lower temperature. To make your dark roast coffee taste better, you must learn how to minimize the temperature whenever necessary. Try this, and you will love your coffee daily, either in the morning or even evening hours.

Freshness is vital

Before you go ahead to buy your coffee beans, you should know the duration it will take to remain strong. Therefore, you need to understand that coffee roasted dark, usually labelled as Spanish Roast, Italian Roast, or French Roast stale quickly. They cannot even go for weeks, but they can serve you for days.

You need to understand that coffee roasted well, either into or even beyond your second crack. Its structure will be more porous as well as fragile. And this would have shortened the freshness window. According to the Seattle roaster, the dark French roast coffee might commence tasting flat four days from the day you roasted.

Thus, it would help if you tried sealing the coffee excellently to preserve and prolong its freshness. In addition, heavily roasted coffee is likely to age faster. It is also appropriate that you purchase your coffee in smaller volumes from your nearest local roaster. Ensure that you examine the recent roast date featured on your bag and do not attempt to buy a dark roasted coffee with no roast date on its bag because it might be stale and still on the grocery shelf.

How to Make Dark Roast Coffee Taste Better


What should you serve with dark roasts?

The dark roasts are easy to pair because of their creamy and rich foods, such as quiche, tiramisu, and chocolate cake. Additionally, it contracts excellently with tangy foods, such as cheesecake and yoghurt.

What basics do you need to consider to brew dark roast coffee?

· Water temperature
· Freshness
· Grind size
· Contact time

What makes your dark Roast darker?

· Hot water
· Try a modern brewing method
· Adjust the grind size and brew time
· Adjust the ratio of your coffee to water


This comprehensive post has made you familiar with how to make dark roast coffee taste better. Furthermore, you know what makes your coffee taste band and how you can fix the problem. On the other hand, it will also take you time to become an expert in making coffee, but you must continuously practice.

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