Can You Use the Magic Bullet to Grind Coffee?: The Ultimate Coffee Grinding Tips for 2022

The Magic Bullet is one of the most popular compact blenders on the market. But because it’s so small and portable, some people often ask Can You Use the Magic Bullet to Grind Coffee?

Of course YES, you can use your Magic Bullet for grinding coffee beans coarse to a finer level. The Magic Bullet is an excellent alternative and an even easier option if you need a coffee grinder at home. It is affordable and easy to handle, so if you want a quick fix without breaking the bank, you can always go for the Magic bullet.

For many coffee enthusiasts, their coffee must be well prepared. Otherwise, it could result in a bitter and disappointing taste. The most crucial step in making coffee is properly Grinding the coffee beans and making them fine to coarse or medium grind. You can use Many home appliances to grind the beans, including the blenders.

This article comprehensively explains How you can use the Magic Bullet to grind your coffee beans and any other facts you need to know before going for it.

What Every Coffee Lover Needs to Know About the Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is one of the most popular and trusted kitchen gadgets around. People love it for its versatility and compact size. However, many people are wondering if you can put your coffee grounds in it to make an espresso shot or a cup of cappuccino.

Although the Magic Bullet is most commonly used to make smoothies, there are people who would like to grind coffee in it.

Can You Use the Magic Bullet to Grind Coffee?

Coffee lovers will agree to this; if the coffee beans are not ground appropriately, it is impossible to get the right taste and flavor when your coffee is brewed. And it can get very frustrating. If your current coffee grinder ceases to work, the Magic Bullet comes as a cheaper and easier option for you.

Undeniably, the coffee made with packaged and freeze-fried granules cannot compare to the rich aroma and flavor of the coffee brewed from freshly ground beans. And that is why Many people prefer to grind their coffee beans at home.

Thankfully, many stores and supermarkets offer whole coffee beans in different varieties that you can choose from and grind and brew your coffee. Sadly, most of the food processors and blenders are not well equipped for Grinding whole coffee beans. The Magic Bullet blender, however, comes with features that make it function like a coffee grinder.

An Option to Grind Coffee Beans Without Using a Burr Grinder

Often, we get coffee bean gifts or coffee subscription boxes from relatives and friends. And the main question is How we can grind the coffee to either a fine level for your espresso coffee or make it coarser for the French Press.

Since the best and most recommended choice is the professional coffee grinders, not Many people keep such in their homes. Such people find it essential to find affordable and alternative Grinding options. Thankfully, the Magic Bullet blenders got them covered.

A viable option in such a case is Using a proper blender for your coffee beans. Magic bullets come in handy for properly Grinding your coffee beans at home to a fine grind.

How to properly Use a Magic Bullet to grind whole coffee beans

Grinding your freshly roasted beans Using the Magic Bullet blender is not a difficult task. Like any other home appliance, you must read the owner’s manual that comes with the blender. This will ensure you use it properly and not burn its motor because it has exceeded its limit.

A significant advantage of Using the Magic Bullet blender for Grinding your coffee beans is that when you pour the ground beans into the Grinding cup, they always remain in the bottom. You now do not have to worry about constantly flipping your Grinding cup like many regular griding machines.

Magic Bullet Hacks for Grinding Roasted Beans

A 3-stage simple hack is going to give the best ground coffee beans from a magic bullet grinder:


Don’t just hold down your Magic bullet while grinding. It’s better to stop regularly and shake up. This trick is going to ensure your optimum evenness.


Get the big size ground coffee apart by sieving. Don’t forget to grind the boulders again.


Take a kitchen paper towel and spread the sieved ground beans over it and rub them into the paper. Magic happens!! You will see super find spieces are stuck to the paper towel.

So, you ground beans are free from boulder-size particles and extra fine grounds. James Hoffmann suggested this unique technique for those who doesn’t have a burr grinder at their home.

The Best Blade Grinder Results

How to Grind coffee beans in Magic Bullet blender (Step by step)

A typical home blender is usually an excellent coffee grinder alternative, especially the Magic Bullet blender if you have one. It comes with a blade system that works to chop the coffee beans just like a conventional coffee grinder.

Some blenders even have grinder settings that are ideal for coffee beans grinding. However, you will need to grind in small amounts.

Also, not Many people know How they can Use their home blenders to grind coffee beans. If you are still unsure How to Use the blender for your coffee beans, here’s a step-wise procedure that will help you learn how.

MagicBullet: DIY Cappuccino

Use the flat blade

Once you have your Magic Bullet blender at hand, the first thing you need to do is to replace its original cross blade with a flat edge.

It’s an essential step before you can grind any coffee beans in this blender. The cross blade initially installed is primarily used to grate, chop, and blend items such as vegetables, meat, onions, and cheese.

On the other hand, the flat blade is used for making whipping cream and grind hard food items like coffee beans and spices.

Therefore, it would be best to constantly replace the blade with a flat one for your Grinding process.

Put the coffee in the Grinding cup.

The next step is to put your coffee beans into the cup now. Ensure that you pour only enough quantities of the beans into the cup.

From here, you can place the Grinding cup onto the power base of your machine. Ensure that it is correctly locked so the Grinding process will go on smoothly.

Switch on the power and grind

Once you have placed the Grinding cup and locked it in place, you can switch on the power. Remember to keep pressing the cup a few times. It would be best if you did this until you get your ideal coffee beans’ excellent level of fineness.

Moreover, you can make the grind either finer or coarser. This will depend on whether you are preparing the coffee beans for Espresso, Drip coffee, or French Press.

You can pause a few times between and check to see if the fineness or amount of texture you want for your coffee.

For the French Press, the grind should be a little coarse, while for drip coffee or espresso, keep pressing to achieve a finer grind. Also, stop shaking the closed container for up to five seconds. This causes the larger ground pieces to fall to the bottom near the blade, and the fine stakes rise for an even grind.

Unplug the unit

Finally, you can unplug your unit and open it to reveal the ground beans. Pour these into an airtight storage container if you are not using them immediately or if you tend to grind Many batches at a time.

Downsides of Using the Magic Bullet blender for coffee grinding

This is where many coffee enthusiasts discourage Using cheap blenders and grinders for their coffee-making process. The Magic Bullet blender will not come in handy in all situations, considering the different coffee beans we have available.

Here are some reasons why some people will not use the Magic Bullet blender for Grinding their whole coffee beans.

Clumping together

Sometimes people could exceed the limit and overdo the Grinding process of their coffee beans in the Magic Bullet blender.

And often, this results in a grind that is too fine, and you know better than to consume such coffee. It is almost impossible to make any coffee if the grind is too fine.

Therefore, this clumped coffee, or when it is too finely grounded, is a reason why many people steer clear of blenders.

Inconsistent Grind

When you use the Magic Bullet blender, you will notice that sometimes the grind size is inconsistent.

If you desire finely grounded coffee with a consistent texture every time, you will have to go for the proper burr coffee grinders available in the market.

In the cases where this blender does not produce a consistent grind, you will observe some of the beans are barely touched, while others are finely grounded.

Furthermore, achieving a near consistent grind depends on the time you spend grinding your coffee beans.

But the inconsistent grind is one of the major problems of Using this blender, and any other for that matter, in coffee grinding. That is why in this case, professional coffee grinders are highly recommended.

Lack of Individual Grind Adjustment Settings

Arguably, many people opt for professional coffee grinders because they feature adjustment settings that allow them to set the specific grind level for the type of coffee they are preparing.

This is invaluable, especially if you want to brew different coffee types such as drip coffee, espresso, Aeropress, or French Press. Each of these types requires an extra level of coffee grind size, and they vary widely from fine to medium to coarse.

Many of the professional models of burr coffee grinders come with up to 40 steps of the grind adjustment settings. These grinders are fitted with hardened steel burs that ensure you achieve the most quality grind.

And we all know that the grind creates a difference in the flavor, aroma, and level of taste of the brewed coffee. Unfortunately, such facilities and settings are not found in the Magic Bullet blender and other blenders. And that is why you are advised to invest in a professional burr coffee grinder.

Related Questions

Can you grind coffee with Nutribullet?

Of course, yes. Like other Magic Bullet blenders, NutriBullet can grind whole coffee beans quite well. However, you’ll need to exchange the 4-prong extractor blade with a 2-prong milling blade to achieve the desired results.

Can you grind flaxseed in a Magic Bullet?

Yes, a magic bullet can grind ground flaxseed before consumption. This ensures the nutrients stay intact until use. It’s also a benefit for those who bake.

Can a Magic Bullet crush ice?

Yes, but you’ve to watch out on the blades. They tend to break or bend under extended pressure use. You could take it slow if you don’t have another way of breaking the ice. But if you have, avoid using the Magic Bullet.


The Magic Bullet blender could be a savior when you want to blend your whole coffee beans in some situations. It is conveniently affordable and easy to use. With the aid of the flat blade, you can successfully make a fine level or coarse grind. However, the final coffee grind results will not be that great, as explained above. For a quick fix and an affordable option, you can use the Magic Bullet blender for grinding your coffee beans.

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