8 Reasons Why Are Burr Grinders So Expensive?

Can a blade grinder serve the purpose of a burr grinder? This question should blink in your mind at the first go when you plan to grind your own coffee beans at home. Though blade grinders are pretty popular due to their cheap price and affordability Yet they can hardly serve the purpose of burr grinders.

This article feeds you the best suggestions while buying a grinder for your home. We also unfolded our research and found out the reasons Why Are Burr Grinders So Expensive?

Why Are Burr Grinders So Expensive?

Generally, a new burr grinder’s cost is more than $100. That’s pretty much expensive, right? You may find a blade grinder at a much lower price than a burr grinder. Blade grinders are affordable and available everywhere.

Then why will you buy an expensive grinder?  You can buy a grinder randomly at a lower price. But that will not fulfill your demand if you want to get the actual taste of brewed coffee.

We usually use Burr grinders to grind coffee beans. When you grind the bean in small particles, the flavor of brewed coffee will start to spread. But you may think what is so special about the burr grinders! Why are they this much expensive?

Well, I’ll give you eight reasons you can’t ignore if you consider taste over price.

Burr Grinders Provide The Best Even Size Particles

Burr grinders provide even size coffee ground
Burr grinders provide even size coffee ground

To make the finest quality coffee, the size of the ground beans should be consistently even. When it requires not to crank more in a grinding machine, it needs more metal to manufacture.

That’s why making burr grinders suitable to grind evenly; the manufacturer will need more metals.

So you can understand if the metal is expensive, then the machine will also be expensive.

Effect on Taste

Suppose you ground the beans evenly, but they became coarse particles. The particles will not be soluble.

Yes, all the particles will not be precisely the same sized, but they need to be finely ground to taste good.

It will taste muddy if the particles are coarse. Burr grinders are the best for grinding beans finely.

Burr Grinders are Well Built

What will be your first concern when you buy any electronic device or furniture for your house? Absolutely, it will be the strength and durability.

Same reason goes for a burr grinder. Burr grinders are well built with high-quality metal. They provide excellent strength and are durable. Strength is also a reason for being burr grinders expensive.

Burr Grinders Grind without Raising the Temperature

When you grind anything or doing anything with abrasion, it will produce heat. Same goes for the grinder.

While grinding beans, heat will produce. Then if the temperature rises high, the quality of beans will be spoilt.

But burr grinders are better than other grinders. Because they produce less heat and beans’ quality remains the same.

The Versatility of Burr Grinders

If your taste of coffee differs with your mood, then a burr grinder is the best choice for you. Burr grinders provide different brewing methods.

You can also set them manually for versatile use of brewing. You can make any brewer what goes with your taste.

Price Is Not All About Burr Grinders

You wish to improve your coffee making skill, but you are searching for a cheaper grinder. That’s not fair.

You don’t have to think critically, think about the art of coffee making. Reliable coffee needs a reliable foundation.

Freshly brewed coffee from perfectly ground beans, that’s what you want. Then burr grinders are worth the price.

The Advantages Of A Burr Grinder Over A Blade Grinder

If you make a comparison between burr grinders and blade grinders, you will find your answer on your own. The main disadvantage of a blade grinder is, it can’t grind the beans evenly.

If you look at your ground coffee after using a blade grinder, you will see coarser and finer beans in the same batch. How does that affect your coffee? If you’ve got a hundred different particle sizes out of one batch, every size is going to extract the coffee differently. So the taste will be all over the place. 

Moreover, it raises the temperature while grinding. Eventually, the beans are burnt. But the burr grinder can grind the beans evenly. Also, it will not raise the temperature while grinding.

Can You Make Your Favourite Coffee without A Burr Grinder?

If your favorite coffee is Espresso or Moka Pot, then burr grinders are suitable. You’ve already known that burr grinders provide more refined grains of beans.

While making Espresso or Moka Pot, the beans should be really fine powder, so does the burr grinder.

Do Burr Grinder worth the Money?

Why do I need a better coffee grinder? Blade vs Burr comparison

For serious coffee people, the flavour is an essential thing while making coffee. Burr grinders can extract the best flavour out of your coffee beans.  

Don’t worry if you get a grinder that gives you the best quality ground beans. That makes delicious coffee without burning up the beans and last long time.

Suppose, you are trying your best to become an expert of coffee making but end up making coarse and uneven powder of beans. Your coffee won’t taste good.

The most important in this case is the technique. The technique of making the coffee beans consistently even in size.

So, I think considering the reasons, the burr grinder worth the money.


Most of the people know that burr grinders are expensive. Sometimes, they are unavailable at a random grocery shop. But now you know the actual reason why burr grinders are really expensive! You won’t surprise anymore. You will consider the price for making your morning flavourful with delightful brewed coffee.

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