2.25 BILLION cups of coffee are consumed worldwide per day! Can you imagine how significant this amount is? Like you and me, millions of people in the world have a soft corner for this popular drink.

Why won’t it be? This morning drink has so many beneficial compounds in it.

Do you know it is one of the most abundant antioxidant sources in a person’s diet? No, I am not saying it from my assumption. The American Chemical Society published this data in one of their journals.

One coffee serving is delivering you with many favourable components. You already know that coffee contains caffeine. Besides, it contains chlorogenic acid and polyphenol antioxidants.

And all these are good for your health.

Happy enough to know that your favourite drink benefits you so much?

But now, I will answer the question that brought you to this blog.

Does coffee slow down weight loss?

Or does coffee help you lose weight?

The following paragraphs reveal the coffee and weight loss truth. But before that, you need to know its effect on your metabolism.

Is coffee a stimulant or depressant?

The compounds present in coffee make it an excellent stimulant. The primary tonic is caffeine. Besides, there are other stimulating elements present.


It works as a mild stimulant for the central nervous system. Research shows that it can enhance mental performance depending on the rate of intake.

Chlorogenic Acid

Coffee contains some biologically active compounds. Chlorogenic acid is one of them.Studies show it can help slow down the absorption of carbs.


Coffee contains a negligible amount of this compound. But it is the primary stimulant in cocoa.


It is a common stimulant in cocoa and coffee, helping to treat asthma.

After taking a cup of coffee, do you feel more energetic and awake? It is because of the caffeine present in coffee.

Caffeine blocks adenosine – an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This process, in return, increases the firing of neurons. Higher release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine accompanies it.

Wait, are you confused by so many scientific terms?

Let me make it easy for you. In a nutshell, all these steps make you more energized and active.

Now you understand, why do you crave a coffee cup on a stressful day?

Does coffee start your metabolism?

I will answer to “does coffee slow down weight loss”. But before that, understand the relation between coffee and metabolism.

What is metabolism?

You are breathing at this moment because of metabolism. It includes all the chemical processes occurring in your body to keep you alive. Your organs function, enabling you to breathe, repair cells, or digest food.

Caffeine and Fat metabolism

Metabolism comes with a term named resting metabolic rate (RMR). It denotes the rate at which you are burning your calories at rest.

Wow, that’s fascinating. Who doesn’t want to burn calories at rest!

Imagine what will happen if this metabolic rate is high in your body. You can put off weight and eat without worrying about anything.

Proven experiments show that there is an increase of 3-11% in RMR because of caffeine.

And the pleasant news is, an increase in fat burning causes an increase in metabolism.

But you know, the world has exceptions to everything. This effect is less significant in obese people.

A study shows that caffeine increased fat burning by only 10% in obese people. In lean people, the rate increased by 29%.

Are the numbers disappointing for you? It’s time to boost your energy up.

Here are two critical points on caffeine by Katherine Zeratsky of Mayoclinic.

  • Suppressing appetite

Caffeine helps to decrease your feeling of hunger and desire to eat for a brief time.

  • Burning calories

Caffeine increases the use of energy at rest. Do you know, Your body generates power and heat from digesting food. We see the process as thermogenesis and caffeine stimulate this process.

So what do you think now, “Does coffee slow down weight loss?”

No, don’t reach any conclusion at this moment. Keep reading. Much more exciting information is yet to come in front of you.

How can coffee help weight loss?

Yes, your favourite drink helps you in losing weight. How? Before you dig deep into the topic, you can also read our article on this.

Brown fat activation

Brown fat drew the attention of researchers in the recent past as It burns extra calories. Many experiments show that it helps in weight loss.

How coffee stimulate Brown fat

What is Brown Fat?

Brown fat is a different body cell. It activates when you get cold. In cold conditions, it helps to maintain your body temperature by producing heat.

We also know Brown fat as brown adipose tissue.

Why is it different from white fat? It contains more mitochondria compared to the white-fat cells. And a recap from your biology lessons, “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”.

Yes, this higher level of mitochondria works as engines in brown fat. It burns extra calories and produces heat.

Does coffee activate brown fat?

Researchers conducted unique experiments to conclude. They used stem cells in the laboratory to find the relation between caffeine and brown fat.

They found that caffeine in coffee stimulates the temperature of the supraclavicular region. It is in the significant part of the brown adipose tissue. Thus, brown fat cells get activated because of caffeine.

Coffee suppresses appetite

Some studies show that coffee can suppress appetite. Some people, especially men, consume fewer calories, followed by a cup of coffee.

Some people say a cup of coffee in the mid-morning helps them control appetite.

This condition is when they are doing intermittent fasting.

Coffee improves athletic performance.

Not coffee, its compound caffeine can boost up your body during exercise. Studies show caffeine improves the athletic performance of the body. The rate is 11-12% on average.

It can cause two benefits to you. These are:

  • It will allow you to exercise for a longer time. So, you are getting more chances to burn your calories.
  • You will lift heavier weights at the gym.

By now, your mindset has shifted from your primary concern, does coffee slow down weight loss.

But, to the misfortune, yes it can slow down the process.


Let’s have a look.

How does coffee slow down weight loss?

Coffee is indeed beneficial to health. But it can also prevent you from losing weight. So don’t fall trap of its benefits only.

Coffee increases chances of behavioural eating.

Does a coffee without a chocolate chip or hazelnut cookie complete?

How often do you visit a cafe and keep your coffee unattended with these delicacies?

Coffee increases your calorie intake with its side dishes like a cookie or a cake. Even an extra sachet of sugar will cause you to gain weight.

If you are a Cappuccino lover like me, you are taking more sugar than necessary.

So next time you choose to drink your cup of joe, be careful because it can trigger your natural food intake.

Coffee increases cortisol levels.

Why do you undergo stress?

It is because of the stress hormone – cortisol. It influences your appetite, hunger, the gain of muscles, and storing of fat.

Cortisol is also a primary hormone from the adrenal gland. It gives a signal to the body to keep responsive and awake.

Too much consumption of coffee will increase the level of cortisol hormones. It means it will increase your stress. Caffeine consumption will thus lead to more eating and loss of muscles.

Prevents sleep and increases weight

Imagine you have an important presentation to prepare for tomorrow. You have to work overnight to complete it. Won’t you go and make a cup of coffee to refresh yourself?

You know that this cup will keep you awake until you complete your task.

Have you ever tried finding out why it happens?

After consuming your coffee, you become alert. Binding of caffeine with your adenosine receptors keeps you alert and awake.

Caffeine has a half-life of 5-6 hours. It means half of the caffeine will remain in your system up to six hours later.

So if you are taking your coffee at 8 p.m, be sure caffeine will stay up to 2 a.m. And it will deprive your sleep.

How does coffee slow down weight loss by depriving sleep?

Simple. You stay awake for a long time and do some work. You will feel hungry and eat more than necessary.

Even if this effect is insignificant, it will affect certain hormones. These hormones control hunger and appetite like cortisol and increase weight in you.

Sweeteners and creamers in coffee

I don’t like black coffee. Do you?

If yes, then that’s great. If not, you are adding sweeteners in your coffee. Artificial sweeteners and creamers add flavour to your morning drink.

But it can cause weight gain also. Here are a few ways how these extra flavours harm you.

  • Creamers make your coffee loaded with elements that make you feel fatigued.
  • Plant-based creamers can contain extra sugar that messes up with your intestinal bacteria. Finally, it affects your metabolism.
  • Added sugar causes energy crashes and blood sugar spikes.
  • Non-dairy creamers contain elements that are high in sugar.

Does coffee slow down weight loss? So the answer to your Google search is yes, it does. But you can take a few steps to control it.

Coffee creamer alternatives

Giving up your morning cup of freshness is tough. But drinking coffee without that sweet, creamy flavour is more like a punishment. Yes, I can feel it too.

But there is good news for you. There are some natural creamers to give the same taste but a healthier alternative. Are you excited to add those in your next cup of coffee?

Almond Milk

It is a delicious and nutty alternative to the commercial coffee creamers. The surprising fact is that you can make it at home. And it is very cost-efficient and easy to make.

To make milk of 2% consistency, all you need is 1 cup almond and 2 cups water. Only two ingredients and maintain the proportion to get healthy natural creamer.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk provides the desired creaminess as traditional coffee creamers. Besides, it is rich in iron and calcium and also lactose-free.

Coconut oil and coffee is a nice combo. does coffee slow down weight loss? Try coconut oil in coffee
Coconut oil is super when blends with coffee

You can buy coconut milk from a nearby chain shop. Or, you can make it at home.

All you need is shredded coconut and water in a fixed proportion to make your creamer.

Your healthy alternative for commercial creamer is ready!

Honey and Real Milk

You can add 1-2% milk with Honey to give your coffee the sweet kick. The Honey is better than adding sugar or other sweeteners.

Honey can help to maintain your blood sugar level too.

Want a little bit more flavour?

Find cinnamon from your kitchen and add it to the coffee.

Bulletproof coffee for weight loss

Did you hear the name of the butter-coffee? Yes, bulletproof coffee and butter coffee are the same.

It is not like an average latte. It is a high performing and energizing keto-friendly drink.

Are you doing intermittent fasting or ketogenic diets? Bulletproof coffee is a powerhouse beverage for both of these.

To make this coffee, you need the following ingredients.

  •  Bulletproof coffee beans
  •  Grass-fed, unsalted butter
  •  Brain Octane oil
  •  Filtered water

You will need at best 5 minutes to make this fresh cup of joe. It is high in nutrition and easy to make.

How bulletproof coffee helps in weight loss?

Bulletproof coffee can help you in weight loss when consumed with a balanced diet. Make sure you intake nutritious food along with this coffee.

Bulletproof coffee activates weight loss by ketosis. A lack of carbs actuates a metabolic state. By burning fat, it kills bothersome cravings.

But experts say, not to use it as a breakfast substitute. You can drink this coffee at intervals. But it is better to ensure a healthy breakfast and diet instead.

Black Coffee weight loss benefits

Black coffee can help you in losing weight. It is evident that if you do not add creamer or sweetener to your coffee, it will be healthier.

Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid. It speeds up weight loss. Obstructing the production of new fat cells results in a calorie loss.

Still, it is better to consult with a nutritionist/ doctor before consuming it.

Decaf coffee weight loss

If you are on a low caffeine diet, decaf coffee can be useful for you. Decaf coffee can suppress your appetite like regular coffee. It means you are consuming fewer calories.

But there is no proven result that decaf coffee helps in weight loss. Thus, it is a bit unclear whether decaf coffee benefits in weight loss.

Green Coffee weight loss benefits

Green coffee beans are unroasted seeds of coffee fruits. It is not like regular coffee beans. Instead, it is high in chlorogenic acid with many health benefits.

Pure green coffee beans, raise the fat burning capacity of the body. It further increases the release of the fat-burning enzyme.

Green coffee can play a functional role in the weight loss journey.

Whatever you choose, make sure to adjust it with a balanced diet. Don’t forget to take advice from a health expert.

The bottom line of coffee

A cup of coffee comes with many health benefits. But it can hamper your weight loss journey too.

So it is right for you to avoid too much consumption of this drink.4-5 cups per day may be optimal. Still, lower the use if you feel any side effects.

And does coffee slow down weight loss? I have presented the answer to you in detail.

So all the best with your favourite coffee journey.

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