Are you passionate to indulge in the coffee game to have a kick-start to an amazing day or meeting?

You may love to experiment with coffee recipes. If you are a coffee enthusiast, this is the perfect place to add one more recipe to your coffee thesaurus. You already know coffee as a great source of energy as it contains caffeine. Astonishing health benefits of coffee is not a myth today.

How about adding coconut oil in coffee? Do you know how much coconut oil in coffee keto makes the best combination? I bet, I caught your curiosity.

A mix of coconut oil in your morning cup of joe is a recent trend. It is healthy, convenient, and cost-effective.

Don’t get lost in bizarre thoughts about how coconut oil complements coffee. I am here with something to devour on.

How Much Coconut Oil In Coffee Keto: A short chronicle

how much coconut oil in coffee keto makes the best coffee experience.
Coconut Oil In Coffee keto for Better health

A few days back, Bulletproof coffee was hyping the limelight. So, coconut oil in coffee seems like refresher opening doors for new coffee adventures.
An American entrepreneur and author Dave Asprey created the bulletproof coffee. Do you know the combination or recipe? if not, here it is:

  • A high-performance energy drink with a blend of coffee.
  • Unsalted grass-fed butter or ghee,
  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil.

Here originates the idea of adding coconut oil in coffee, from which we get MCT oil. The MCT present in coconut oil works great:

  • To convert the fatty acid into energy in the liver instead of storing it as fat.
  • Improves the metabolism rate.
  • Provides long-lasting energy levels.

As a light nutty and smooth textured drink, coconut oil and coffee appear to be an extraordinary duo.
Let’s find out more about the benefits of this sensational combo.

7 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil in Coffee

Coconut oil in Coffee makes the Bullet proof Coffee

Here is some top healthy insights will tempt you to try out the fusion right away. Such as:

Escalates Energy Level

Caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant that escalates the heat and burns more fat in the body. Likewise, coconut oil is a saturated fat made up of three-chain fatty acids. It has fast absorption and delivers immediately to the liver acting as a fuel.

Another question may arise, how can fat be a good deal? There is good fat and bad fat. The fat present in coconut oil raises ‘good’ HDL cholesterol claims M.D. Walter C. Willett.

As such, the fats in coconut oil convert into energy leaving you with a great energy boost.

Improves Metabolism

As the consumption of MCTs in coconut oil increases energy levels, your body is also able to burn fat faster. This in turn helps improve metabolic rate.

Coffee itself can raise your resting metabolic rate to 4%. Study shows that a person who consumes one to two tablespoons of MCTs can burn 120 calories. It also leads to a 5% increase in energy level.

Coconut oil also decreases lactate build-up that makes it popular among athletes. Also, it stimulates your bowel and ensures healthy digestion. So, when consumed in reasonable amounts, it can keep your digestion regular.

Lines up Immunity

No matter what you are having, it is always recommended to keep a track of your immune system. Needless to say, coconut oil contains Lauric acid which is about 50% of the total fatty acid. It is unique because of its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

Also, Lauric acid is present in breast milk that convinces you to have coconut oil in coffee more often.

In the context of WebMD, Lauric acid helps to treat:

  • Viral infections like influenza, the common cold, fever blisters, and cold sores.
  • It also treats warts and genital herpes.
  • It prevents HIV transmission from mother to baby.

Besides, it also acts as an antioxidant. It absorbs some vital vitamins like A, D, E and K. So, it is natural to combine this with coffee to enjoy added benefits.

Moreover, coconut oil also proved to improve the cognitive functions of Alzheimer’s patients. Reduce the risks of Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Then again, if you love to get a well-nourished skin, coconut oil in coffee can act as a tropical skin moisturizer..

Aids Weight Loss

You can thrust your weight loss journey to an extra level if you make your coffee worth the right deal.

As coconut oil is a satiating fat, it gives the feeling of fullness in a proportionate amount of intake. Lauric acid affects two of your gut hormones and decreases your appetite. As such, you get to maintain a healthy weight loss regimen along with high energy and endurance.

The drink works great in a classic ketogenic diet that includes high-fat and very low-carb. The MCT oil converts into ketones to maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Ketone is a  molecule produced from fat breakdown.

Keeping the benefits in mind doesn’t mean you get your jar ready to have it in a limitless quantity. So you know, moderation is vital. For more information read our article on the blog page.

Boosts Brain Function

Do you wonder, how coconut oil in your coffee can make you feel smarter? Here is why:

Ketones can function as a substitute for glucose leading to active brain functionalities. Studies revealed, aging adults perform better using ketones rather than glucose for energy.

Ketones also help to enhance the activation of brain-derived neurotrophic growth factor (BDNF). It is a protein that helps:

  • To protect brain cells and
  • Stimulate the production of healthy neurons.

Daily intake of coconut oil helps you to feel less stressed and more motivated. It can act as a natural mood lifter without giving you the feeling of tiredness. 

Preserves Mental Health

Coffee always holds a good reputation to keep you positive throughout the day. A lot of people call it a happy drink to keep them going on. Also, devouring several cups of coffee in a day keeps depression away.

To boost up your mental capacity, high-quality virgin coconut oil is essential. This type of oil is cold-pressed and unrefined. Also, it has antioxidant and anti-stress properties. So, starting your day with coconut coffee might bring you calming effects.

Good mental health also accelerates your metabolic rate and concentration. So, instead of flexing to unhealthy habits, a fusion of coconut oil and coffee can get you started in the best way.

A Delight to Your Taste Bud

Some of you can get thrilled or confused about how to get your cuppa ready with bursting coconut oil flavor. Regardless of the combination, it depends on your taste bud and good blend to give you the right texture.

Whether hot or cold, coconut coffee is a unique blend of creamy, nutty, and frosty texture. It has its natural sweetness.

If you are a summer person, a cold-brew with added flavors like honey or maple syrup will tempt you to go nuts. Then again, there is no perfect recipe until you find the combination that’s right for you.

If you are doubtful of the coconut oil smell overshadowing your coffee taste, don’t worry! You can opt for a refined one instead of virgin oil to get a balanced aroma.

So, a coffee lover or not, grooming your coffee game will land you in the heaven of mouth relishing flavors.

The Catch-why to Avoid: Some Effects of Coconut Oil in Coffee

Is Bullet proof coffee bad?

The claims surrounding the outstanding advantages of coconut oil in coffee are remarkable so far. But, it is better to keep the downsides in mind. A few disadvantages are here:

  • Most of us are already aware of coffee as a caffeinated beverage. Excess intake of caffeine may lead to insomnia and jitteriness. Also, individuals with caffeine sensitivity may have a greater risk of heart disease.
  • If you think of replacing your morning breakfast with coconut coffee, try not to do that. A balanced breakfast can provide you with a better nutritional value. Added to that, coconut oil contains 120 calories per tablespoon ( 14 grams ).
    So, if you are taking 2 tablespoons, which is an extra 242 calories- be ready to burn that through a 50-minute walk.
  • Another astounding research reveals excess intake of saturated fats can cause high cholesterol. There are contradictory thoughts on differentiating medium-chain fatty acids and other common fats. As mentioned earlier, MCT oil has faster absorption.
  • What’s more, coconut can cause allergic reactions with symptoms like itching. So, you can use coconut oil in small amounts on your skin and wait 24 hours to check for the effect.

If you are likely to be conscious of limiting your fat intake, consume it less. This helps to avoid gallbladder issues and pancreatitis. Of course, coconut oil tends to work super than the rest of the common fats. 

How Much Coconut Oil in Coffee Keto: The Recommended Consumption

Skimming down the ins and outs of coconut coffee, Here is the next important question. How much intake is healthy to leverage on this delicacy?

If you never tried out coconut coffee, consider 1 tablespoon (120 calories or 14 grams) of coconut oil. Check out the new taste and your ability to enjoy it. Do what works best for you.

Yet, to maintain ketosis or a healthy diet, you can consume up to 2 tablespoons to work your way out. Avoid taking excess in the beginning rather go slow to avoid unpleasant side-effects.

Coconut Oil in Coffee Hacks: A Guide for Your First Move

You have mastered all the amazing facts of coconut coffee, what’s next? It’s time for you to try out some instant hacks to sip your first cup of coffee.
The simple start to the recipe would be:

  • Take your favorite brand of coffee beans
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Sweeteners like sugar, honey, maple syrup, or stevia.
  • Try sprinkling spices like cinnamon, cayenne or nutmeg on the top of your brew to delight it more

If you want the drink to be creamy and give it a fusion of Frappe, mix coconut milk, almond milk, or cashew milk to achieve it.

Here goes the second important step, which is to mix the ingredients. So, how do you do that?

Blend it the right way when You Know How Much Coconut Oil in Coffee Keto

Usually brewing a hot coffee requires a spoonful of coconut oil at the bottom of the cup. Later, pour the coffee over it. Don’t hesitate to stir it well until it becomes a light brown colour and reach a smooth consistency. It’s fine if you don’t use a blender here.

But, if you are making an iced version, the best way is to use an immersion blender or NutriBullet. Combine the brewed coffee, coconut oil, ice cubes, and added flavorings (If any) and blend it for 20 to 30 seconds. It will give a velvety and frothy touch.

There are several ways to tailor your coffee preferences. Try experimenting!

Brew it today!

Try coffee from different producers, different blends, different grinds, different techniques of brewing, – in search of your own, very favorite coffee.

Serge Remy

Go ahead to try out the refreshing coconut fused treat.

Happy Brewing!

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